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Exploring Core Emotions through play therapy, positive growth mindset games and mindful breathing by Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Half term is over and for many of our children the prospect of returning to silent, intensive, isolated online learning filled them with dread. So, I am keeping things light and playful to ease everyone through another week of lockdown.

Tremendous, tremendous results have come to me personally through play therapy and mindful activities.

Many of the children and young adults I work with are tired of being asked questions in therapy sessions or talking about what has shaped their mental health in the past. I know this because so many tell me.

When we sit and make a game with our families or friends, our serotonin (neurotransmitter of happiness, confidence, self-esteem) and oxytocin (neurotransmitter of love and nurture which also stimulates our emotional intelligence) levels soar!! Trust and bonding are also stimulated and in this relaxed and playful situation, many of “my kids” will open up and start to talk.

I have even had some first words from nonverbal or selective mute children through play!! Very emotional!

As humans we are made up of eight core emotions and it can be such fun exploring these. Younger adults or children love it when we sit on a level with them and open up about our own humanity, laughs, embarrassing moments and moments of joy.

So, I really hope you enjoy my ideas this week. Look out for -and after – each other during these fear-based times. And remember that when we have a good laugh that also fills us with endorphins and serotonin. So, enjoy your moments of happiness this week and we will keep each other going!

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