Patron of both Kilmarnock Horse Rescue and Autism Support Crawley Anna Kennedy OBE appealed to the generosity of the public. “With Kilmarnock bursting at the seams, winter will be really tough for them,” she said.“Hay, feed ,bedding and vet bills have resulted to more than they anticipated and they now requesting support for donations to the charity.“In what we understand is a tough few months for everyone, Kilmarnock and I as Patron are asking – if you’re able to help in any way you can then please do.

Kilmarnock hosted now for over 4 years an Autism Friendly Christmas Afternoon with the big man himself Father Christmas. Selection boxes were given to autistic children and their siblings once again to members of Autism Support Crawley .Christmas snacks and drinks were available for all the families attending.

Anna Kennedy OBE shares ‘It’s always such a wonderful afternoon and watching the children with the horses and ponies is always so magical.We are grateful to Kilmarnock for hosting this annual event’ Anna shares that one of the children asked Father Christmas how he fits all the cookies and mince pies into his tummy from around the world. Father Christmas replied that was a secret.

If you would like to donate to Kilmarnock Horse Rescue Ifield please contact Founder Carol Jackson and see their charity website: