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Anna Kennedy Online may be a small charity and  but the charity does big things and is made up mostly of volunteers who combine the ethos and integrity of the founder Dr Anna Kennedy OBE  who is passionate about helping society and raising Autism Awareness across the globe by making a difference and by caring about individuals.

We have built contacts in the community and reaching out to families, bringing together groups of people and enticing the communities to take part and get involved in what we do, from community days, Zumbathons, Flashmobs to empowering individuals with workshops and also collaborating with a large range of companies and charities to raise Autism Awareness within mainstream.

Anna Kennedy Online have been raising awareness through various communities through plug in talks and Schools, colleges and workplaces to promote the ‘Give Us a Break campaign’ and to raise Autism Awareness with the support of Anna Kennedy Online, which in turn has promoted networking and endorsed partnerships.

The Give us a break campaign has been targeted in schools and colleges across the UK and has also now spread and been fundamental in workplaces and institutions that have benefited so much from sharing knowledge and life experiences .

Our charity has the right ethos and the positive integrity to helping and supporting communities right across the UK and beyond.

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