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Anna Kennedy Online Online have launched Autism and cultural issues campaign #Togetherweareacommunity that we shall continue to highlight.

#TogetherweareacommunityAnna Kennedy OBE Autism Campaigner throughout the years has spoken to many families who are experiencing cultural stigmatisation and this is unnecessary family pressure and an additional strain placed on parents that is unjustified and unfair.

We want to support everyone and promote inclusion and reach out to families affected.

We are all equal.

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Ethan Khumzy

Ethan Khumzy: Melanin part 2

One of our Autism’s got Talent Performers and Pineapple Performing Arts Charity Scholarship winners Ethan Khumzy shared:

‘This piece of rap I’ve written is called ‘Melanin’. this is Part 2

Many more years, we’re still screaming out their names, instead we’re still not finding change, if you was in our position, you’d be feeling our pain, you’re either Locked in the cage or you’d get called names,

You tend to look at us like we’re moving the same, thinking we’re some thugs, just because of our race, violations to my race is what I cannot take, every day, every night, we never get a break,

My colour of my skin is not a weapon in your eyes, just cause you see how my people are like, it’s the way that they see us, there’s no way out of this, on top of that, there’s no point even doubting it,

The hate they give, is the hate they’ve been kept with, that’s why we’re not resting, we’ll keep spreading out the message, we want Justice and also acceptance,

I’m a young black king, not a person that is hard work, you tend to hate when we’re putting in the hard work, all of us screaming out we just want acceptance, karma will be served to you, that’ll be your lesson, Black lives matter, we’re never treated equally, judging us harshly, because of our scenery, because of what we do, we’re locked up easily, if you’re a racist then please don’t speak to me,

I don’t wanna get stopped, I don’t wanna get locked, does this look like that I came from the block? No way, no time to be beefing opps, cos I’m not that guy that you see, end of, RIP to the ones of the lives that are lost, everyday I had conversations with God, Ive asking the man, when can it all stop, he replied I don’t know I guess it will not,

I can’t breathe were the words that George said, these words never got up to your head, to even acknowledge how you’re treating my people, don’t ever try calling my people evil, really you’re the ones acting evil towards us, we’ll, the karma will be sent back towards you, I got my brothers like I’m working for Warner, all racists should be pushed back like Walker,

See no evil, hear no evil, but they wanna speak the evil to my people, every year, every day, we face segregation, how the media portrays us, I strongly hate it, I’m looked at as a villain, but you’re looked like as a villain too, people, we bleed the same, that’s the living proof, how were living everyday, we found it the hardest, if you don’t sympathise with us, then you’re heartless.

Ethan Khumalo

Ethan Khumzy: Melanin

One of our Autism’s got Talent Performers and Pineapple Performing Arts Charity Scholarship winners Ethan Khumzy shared: 

‘This piece of rap I’ve written is called ‘Melanin’.

Melanin is written in the perspective of ‘why do you see me as a bad guy or monster?’ ‘Why am I the gangster?’, it’s written in a stereotypical point of view of other people that are not like me, they would look of people of my colour/race like ‘he/she looks like a gang member’ ‘I don’t like him/her’ ‘they easily get arrested, that’s no surprise’. There are loads of good people of my kind just like any other race. ‘

Please watch this powerful video:


Anna Kennedy OBE joins International group LAONI

LOANI (Ladies Of All Nations International) is a Women’s Multicultural Organisation covering over 70 countries and is a supportive and friendly non profit Global International Organisation, covering over 70 countries, promoting inclusiveness and a champion of diversity, which involves bringing together a group of like minded individuals.

The major aim being to promote diversity and inclusiveness among people from all walks of lives from all Backgrounds, Cultures and Nationalities.

Ladies Of All Nations International is a clear demonstration that ladies of this world of all diversities unite to make huge positive changes, to improve lives, encourage one another, learn from each other and achieve much more.

Anna Kennedy OBE is honoured to be asked to be part of the Ladies of all Nations International group as a committee member to raise acceptance and awareness globally about autism.

 Click here for more details

International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day Inspiring Women, inspiring change – where Charity Champion Mala Thapar spoke about how her battle would have been impossible without Anna Kennedy Online behind her.

Click here to read about the difficulties faced encompassed with the additional pressure from the community.

Asian Image

#Togetherweareacommunity: Autism charity launches campaign to tackle ‘stigmatisation’ within the Asian community
Please click here to read the press release from Asian Image.

Importance Of Role Models In My Life – by Ethan Khumalo

Life isn’t all that bad if you have the right role models with you. I see other black men doing well, they’re not thugs, or bad people, they inspire me to do great, ranging from my dance mentors, to having black teachers as well, and also we are seeing each other do well, I see Ashley Banjo doing well, I see Omar doing well, I see Marlon doing well, they are my role models inspiring me to do what I love doing… DANCE!

It’s not just my dance mentors I look up to, giving me inspiration that I love being different, there are black politicians doing well, Obama. Black musicians doing well (Sampha, Stormzy, Wretch 32, J Cole), actors (Idris Elba, Chadwick Boseman, John Boyega), even school teachers, chefs and comedians.

Take it back to June, when the BLM protests were around, John Boyega gave a powerful speech showing that we as black people are beautiful, excellent, have always mattered, and has also encouraged black men to take care of black women, mentioning that ‘black women are our hearts’ and ‘black men being the pillars of the family’. And we are!

Love yourself for who you are!

I am sad - an article written by Pershy Mgadamika

The past two weeks have been draining emotionally. A man called George Floyd was murdered by a policeman in America. Yes, in the land of the free. I have cried non stop because l can’t erase that picture from my head. My kids have cried too.

We all can see George as one of us. Why? We are black. Ethan is 17 and on the autistic spectrum. Ever since l can remember l have always told and reminded him he has two disadvantages, black and autistic.

Click here to read the full article

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester have created a series of short information films (approximately 5 minutes each) on different aspects of autism, which have been recorded in a number of different languages. We have been given consent to use information videos.

Please click here to watch them and please complete the survey as all feedback would be appreciated by the project.

Women's Radio

On 20th February Tally Nothey and Mala Thapar joined Anna Kennedy at  Womens Radio Station talking all things Autism & culture, we wanted to reach out and make sure that communities are aware that we understand: Click here to listen

Reena Anand

Reena Anand and  Autism parent, wife, sister, friend who loves abundantly and also a writer and blogs sharing her life experiences, and has written this wonderful article to back #Togetherweareacommunity campaign.

Please click here to read her article on Autism within the Asian Community.

Chrissy B Show

 On the Chrissy B Show, Anna Kennedy about her latest work with the Autism community, along with Charity Champion Mala Thapar about cultural challenges and Autism, which was an opportunity to share how difficult this journey could be.

This part starts just after 15 minutes in.

Asian Women’s network

Asian Women’s network have supported Anna Kennedy online for many years and we are delighted that they have written this wonderful article to back #Togetherweareacommunity campaign.

Please click here to read their press release on Autism within the Asian Community.

Claris Angafor: BAME Community

Anna first met Claris at our charity Autism Expo two years ago where Claris was looking for more information on autism and looking at strategies to work with her son.

Claris is an autism ambassador and advocate; founder of CAN-Abilities Foundation(UK registered charity since September 2018) and owner at CAN-Decor Ltd.

Anna interviewed Claris to raise awareness and spoke about the issues that she has experienced within the BAME Community.

Click here to read the article or you can listen to the podcast below:

Together we are a community

On Saturday 17th February 2018 at an event of 150 women from the Asian Community Anna asked if anyone in the audience had a family member diagnosed with autism. Not one person raised their hand.

Later on in the evening eight parents approached Anna and her team at the event highlighting they were parents and struggling and felt that they could not speak in front of the group for the fear of stigmatisation. This has to stop and we are offering worktops to communities to continue to raise Autism Awareness as part of our ongoing campaign.

Please watch this video below

Anna Kennedy Online

Alongside the daily challenges faced by a family affected by autism many families experience a great deal of stigmatisation and disapproval from the Asian community, who have often been quick to judge and form opinions based on misconceptions and ignorance and having little or no knowledge.

Please click here to read our press release

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