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Take 5 - Mental Health and wellbeing Campaign


“Take 5” is our ​Mental Health and well being campaigns which is pivotal for at Anna Kennedy Online and we have resources to share and hope that this will help our audience.

It is hard to Take 5 for parents of children who have a disability. I know its never easy especially if you are a one parent family.

As a parent we all have days when the pressure of the week can get too much. I have spoken to parents and carers for many years who are feeling stretched above their limits and receiving a low level of support especially during the school holidays.

Parents are trying their best juggling care, housework, work, taxi service, reading some of those wonderful Special Educational Needs documents EHCP etc that are thrown at you.

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Mental Health and Well beingYou are looking out for ‘Where’s the catch?’ and as a first time parent going through the SEN system you feel it is written almost in another language which you have to familiarise yourself with jargon used in the Special Educational Needs world. This is all on a few hours sleep if your lucky and parents grabbing a cat nap here and there if the opportunity occurs.

Sometimes we just need a quiet 5 mins whatever it maybe to do. A cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, listen to a couple of your favourite songs that remind you of your youth or go out onto the trampoline and have a jump.

Parenting children that have a diagnosis of Autism and overlapping conditions can be challenging not only for us parents but for the individual who you care for, love and cherish. We are the glue holding everything together so its about taking just 5 minutes as and when you can, even if its to shut yourself in the bathroom and have a scream!

Take 5

Take a look at some useful resources below and hope these will help with Mental Health and well being

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