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Giuliana Wheater – sharing her journey

Our wonderful Ambassador Giuliana Wheater was awarded the Charity Supporter of the Year, at the Autism Hero Awards and would like to share her incredible journey as well as a video with you:

When I began this journey, I was a woman who had had no voice at all for 17 years. As a mum to four neurodiverse children, two of whom who are I the autism spectrum, I was fighting for them to be heard, supported, valued, and included.

That journey, particularly with my son Ollie, birthed the work I do today. I realised that what was happening to him, exclusion on all sorts of levels, horrific bullying, and a total lack of expectation from his school, was happening to children and young adults not just in the UK bit all over the world.

Giuliana Wheater - sharing her journey

Our journey became one I absolutely needed to share with others, whether that advice, knowledge, information, therapy sessions, endless blogs, magazine articles, seminars, webinars, prolific free public speaking, a YouTube channel and 2k strong public Facebook group during Covid when as a therapist I beardy lost everything, and taking my training info schools, charities and organisations all over the world.

I have never given up whatever else is going on.

I never will.

I just want to give, do and be more and more and more do that I can help these kids bloom.

I never ever ever in a thousand billion years expected the life that has since happened for me.

This is my destiny.

I will never stop this work, this passion, this belief and to educate and advocate for long needed change and acceptance.

Giuliana Wheater - sharing her journeyWhen I was awarded the Autism Hero Award by Dr Anna Kennedy OBE for the Charity Supporter of the Year, I had no idea I had even been nominated or was in the running.

I was busy sharing the event on all my social media platforms and website to celebrate the incredible, selfless, tireless, and dedicated heroes who are all making change happen.

Little did I know!!!!

I did cry when I found out and I have not cried for myself in nine years. But it was good crying!!

As someone who has been behind others for 20+ years, cheering them on, believing in them unswervingly, shouting until all voices are heard and helping to grow all the delicious potential, I see in every single unique human being I am honoured to meet, I am used to just being in the background.

Anna made me feel a million dollars …. Actually, winning that award is priceless.

Anna made me feel seen and heard for the first time in all my adult life. And I could not be prouder to be part of the AKO family and a genuine charity with a pure big heart.

The familiar faces I met again was just joyful and it was absolutely heart bursting to meet new people too who have deeply inspired me.

Every single person in that room was a hero. I mean that with all my heart.

This award and certificate are for all my thousands of children, including my biological children.

Thank you for always being my biggest teachers.

This award belongs to all of you, not me.

Lots of love, Giuliana x


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Autism Hero AwardsGiuliana Wheater – sharing her journey