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Give us a Break 2020

Launching our new charity single “Believe” by Lauren Lovejoy

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For 2020, Anna Kennedy OBE and Lauren Lovejoy one of her Autism’s got Talent performers have spoken about Lauren’s experiences of being bullied in the past and how she was targeted for being different. Lauren wasn’t diagnosed on the spectrum until she was 14 years old.

Lauren shares with Anna:

‘Bullying in those days was not addressed as rigorously as it is now and I wish the teaching staff at my primary and secondary school had recognised that I had mental health issues and supported me accordingly.

Give us a Break – Launching our new charity single “Believe” by Lauren Lovejoy

Unfortunately, being autistic made me especially vulnerable to bullying and increased my insecurities which led to experiencing emotional difficulties later in my adolescent life. That was one of the reasons why I decided to make people aware of the potential long-term consequences of bullying on mental health and wellbeing.

My song ‘Believe’ I recently wrote is based on being a victim of bullying and for all out there also like myself who have also been or even going through it now.

And how lock down through the pandemic Crisis is how victims of bully’s feel everyday.

That fear of Going to school or work everyday knowing that you see the world in a different way and not being accepted and also being slated for who you are as a person  and for not keeping up with having the latest shoes or wearing makeup or having money to be able to buy things or not coping in a loud busy environment.

Being lonely not just for a few weeks but for years and When you see your self everyday it hurts and you feel Mirrors every where cracking because the reflexion you see of your self is not accepted by others. 

But still having that hope that it should be enough to like someone for the kindness they have.

Also seeing the world differently and not being afraid to express our imagination also makes us stand out and as I started to grow I realised people who bully are insecure in them selves.

What I want to portray in this song for me the key is hope and self belief.

Put on your cloak and your invisible new shoes let your guard down like a hero but still having it with you as at times we all need to be a little cautious.

Feel the positive energy that like a magnet repelling the positive magnets will stop the bullies from attacking as you are stronger than you think.

It is a gift to see the world differently and I want this song to show that cruelty and bullying only happens when that person isn’t happy in themselves or have to follow what everyone else is doing because they are too weak to be there own person and so they take it out on someone they believe is kind and different and to knock their self confidence.

However, by believing in ourselves and being our own superhero the bullies will not succeed in hurting us.

We are all unique in our own way we are all good at something and we should all respect each other.

As I started writing the lyrics to my song I started tuning in to an invisible radio station in my head and heard an upbeat sound mixed with lyrics that are how I felt and how I lifted myself up and wanted the upbeat sound to go with the positive outcome.

I believe a positive beat gives a positive feel.

Give us a Break – Launching our new charity single “Believe” by Lauren Lovejoy

I am proud to be part of Anna Kennedy Online “Give us a break” charity anti bullying campaign this year, because it is a subject very close to my heart.

I was a victim of being bullied and want to help prevent this from happening and to share positive messages out there so victims can know they are not alone and that things will get better.

I look forward to performing again in the near future at Autism’s Got Talent as I truly admire and respect Anna Kennedy for all she does and the opportunities she gives people like me.’

 Photo credits to Terry Scott our charity Official Photographer

Below, please watch Lauren Lovejoy’s debut single on the preview, or listen to her on SoundCloud with the powerful lyrics written below 

The Lyrics to Believe – Written by Lauren Lovejoy

Verse 1

At my high school they all stared
My heart in lockdown Oh I was scared
(I wrote a record from the grief
( my heart completely skipped a beat)
I’ll be fine oh I’ll be fine
I was skinny I was tall
Wore no makeup
No money for the mall
(Just wanted to be liked for me
All mirrors cracked so rapidly
I was cursed
Oh I was cursed

Verse 2

A few months later (I had new shoes)
Put my cloak on (I felt brand new!)
They couldn’t break me  I stood up !
there weakness leaked through
It was all a front
(I held my guard in front of me
With a shield like a hero on tv ) . .
I was strong
Oh I was strong
You see hatred comes from insecurity

A gift we have to see the world so differently
A vicious comment should expire if they achieve
Let’s turn the key to hope and self-belief ….


Being slated all the time
where’s  logic
Never caused a crime oh
(I’ll be carrying my own to feet
You’ll be hearing music when we meet)
We’re all fine
Where in our prime!


Being slated all the time
Can’t see no logic
It’s like I’m doing time
(I’ll be carrying my own two feet
You’ll be hearing music when we meet) ..
Give us a break
It’s not too late
(I’ll be carrying my own two feet
You’ll be hearing music when we meet) ..
Give us a break
It’s not too late

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