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Gorgeous Sleep an article by Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Hooray hooray hooray this is my very first article as Anna’s newly spoiled well-being ambassador for the charity!! So, I am even more excitable than usual!! Take a deep breath …..

In this week’s article, diagrams and short YouTube video I share with you gentle stretches and relaxing, mindful breathing games to get that serotonin flowing up from the gut to help make the melatonin we need for regulating sleep, mood and aggression.

We all know that following a good night’s sleep we automatically feel so much more ready to cope and function. We naturally feel more on top of things and ready to face the day.

If we sleep badly however, we have already used up our daily quota of serotonin and very quickly a downwards spiral can begin …

If we do not have enough serotonin our bodies, we then cannot make melatonin … then we cannot sleep, and our bodies use up all serotonin ….

Keep on top of your sleep and mood by having fun with the suggestions below. Mix them up into lucky dips or board games too to keep a child’s attention.

Soooo great for us adults too!!

See you next week. Take care, stay safe, be happy, Giuliana

Gorgeous Sleep
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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignGorgeous Sleep – by Giuliana Wheater