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Harvey Price performs in Autism’s Got Talent as he shows off his keyboard skills

HARVEY Price showed off his impressive keyboard playing at a talent show for autistic people last night. Harvey age seventeen was accompanied by his mum Katie, 41, and siblings Princess, 12, Bunny, 4, and Jett, 5,  for the Autism’s Got Talent event in Ruislip, West London.

The show, which is the brainchild of charity Anna Kennedy Online, is designed to show what adults and children with autism are capable of and how the condition is no barrier to success. And Harvey, who as well as being on the autistic spectrum also has eye  condition septo-optic dysplasia and the genetic disorder Prader-Willi syndrome, certainly showed what he is made of as he tinkered away on the keyboard.

Harvey has been practising for the show for some time, as documented on his mum’s Quest Red reality show, Katie Price: My Crazy Life. And the young lad was certainly excited on his way to the event yesterday, as Katie filmed him for her Instagram stories. Despite initially complaining “I’m knackered mum”, he perked up when Katie asked him if he was too tired to perform in Autism’s Got Talent. “No mum,” he insisted, before repeatedly telling his mum that he loved her.

Katie, who wore a jumper with the slogan ‘Live for a cause, not for applause’ to the event, was full of pride for her first-born and encouraged him all the way there. She told him: “Mummy is so proud of you Price, can’t wait to watch you tonight,. Neither can Jett, Bunny and Princess. we love you Harv.”And in a later story, she told him: “You are stunning. handsome you are. I love you. We all love you sooo much.”

Harvey certainly made an impression on the charity’s CEO Anna Kennedy when he arrived at the event. She posted a picture of him on her Instagram account wearing the Autism’s Got Talent  t-shirt. “Lovely to meet Harvey who loved his t-shirt so much he wore it straight away,” she wrote.

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Autism's Got TalentHarvey Price performs in Autism’s Got Talent as he shows off his keyboard skills