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An update on Harvey’s Law

On Thursday 2nd July at 2pm, Katie Price is expected to appear in front of the Petitions Committee yet again to give evidence about our Charity Anti-bullying Ambassador Harvey Price’s vicious trolling.

The Committee’s chairwoman Cat McKinnell has explained that Katie’s evidence will be vital in helping find practical solutions to finally put an end to online trolling.

Katie will return to Parliament at the start of July to give evidence in front of the committee

The politician added:
“Online abuse is a silent menace, and our new inquiry is an eleventh hour bid to put an end to it before it spirals out of control.

Anna Kennedy shared:
“With social distancing rules, people are spending ever more of their lives online and sadly bullying of our young children and adults is on the increase. We wish Katie and Harvey Good Luck with the progression of Harveys Law”

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Click here to listen to this live on Thursday at 2.30pm

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