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How hanging upside down stimulates the vestibular system – Giuliana Wheater

An article by our well being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Do you or your child need to always be on the go , have trouble sitting still & concentrating ,bump into things or other people ,constantly fidgets , can play “rough” or “not know their own strength “?

Are you or your child prone to acting impulsively?

These are all signs that the vestibular system is under active.

Kids with an under responsive vestibular system may display signs army school that are deemed “behavioural.”

Movement breaks such as hanging backwards over a large exercise ball. I think these should be in all classrooms for anyone to use.

So, what is the vestibular system?

Basically, it is one of our sensory systems, just like sight, smell or taste.

It is located in the inner ear and is all about movement and balance.

It also regulates our motor skills, coordination , posture, body awareness and spatial awareness.

Hanging upside down provides a powerful dose of stimulation which is necessary for PREVENTING SENSORY RELATED MELTDOWNS!!!

Isn’t that amazing?!

Kids who excessively seek vestibular input can have it seriously interfere with their daily functioning.

It is actually almost IMPOSSIBLE for a child whose vestibular system is unresponsive to sit still and concentrate at school.

The benefits of hanging upside down can last for HOURS!!

And benefit EVERYONE!

In fact if everyone did it in short increments throughout the day , what a difference it would make up emotional regulation, focus attention and productivity .

  1. The whole nervous system is regulated as the vestibular system provides unique input.
  2. It can be calming or alerting.
  4. Relieved back pain by taking pressure off the discs.
  7. Improved ability to learn new information .

So whether it’s monkey bars, hanging off the edge of the sofa or a therapy/exercise ball or using an indoor trapeze , hanging upside down I’d scientifically proven to be good for you !!

And its great fun to see the world from a different perspective!

See you next week. Lots of love, Giuliana



How hanging upside down stimulates the vestibular system
How hanging upside down stimulates the vestibular system
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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignHow hanging upside down stimulates the vestibular system – Giuliana Wheater