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How has Lockdown affected your family? We want to know!

Starting into the coming year, Anna Kennedy Online will be working alongside Manchester Metropolitan University as part of a study into the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown on families with autistic children.

We are excited to be working alongside MMU to assist important research into the way in which families have had to adapt, implement new routines and create coping strategies in an ever changing and challenging new environment.

In his second year studying a MSc in Psychology, Leon Rostaing has asked us to participate in a study which focuses on the experiences of parents, during the Covid19 restrictions.

Mr Rostaing has 20 years of teaching experience and currently manages special school placements for Birmingham Local Authority. The study will explore the experiences of both couples and single parents who have children on the autistic spectrum at both primary, secondary, special and mainstream schools.

The study is voluntary and we be conducted through a series of interviews. Questions asked during the interview will relate to personal experiences as a parent during recent government restrictions. It will also explore coping mechanisms and strategies different families may have tried and adapted during the national lockdown.

What’s fantastic about the study is that the findings of this research may help inform education and health care organisations about ways in which they can support parents of autistic children, should any further restrictions be implemented in the future. So of course, we were keen to get involved!

If you would be willing to be part of the study, more information can be found by emailing

Research and development is an important element in assisting families with autistic children and we feel that in these challenging times as the world around us is changing, it is more important than ever.

News How has Lockdown affected your family? We want to know!