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 Importance Of Role Models In My Life – by Ethan Khumalo

Life isn’t all that bad if you have the right role models with you. I see other black men doing well, they’re not thugs, or bad people, they inspire me to do great, ranging from my dance mentors, to having black teachers as well, and also we are seeing each other do well, I see Ashley Banjo doing well, I see Omar doing well, I see Marlon doing well, they are my role models inspiring me to do what I love doing… DANCE!

It’s not just my dance mentors I look up to, giving me inspiration that I love being different, there are black politicians doing well, Obama. Black musicians doing well (Sampha, Stormzy, Wretch 32, J Cole), actors (Idris Elba, Chadwick Boseman, John Boyega), even school teachers, chefs and comedians.

Take it back to June, when the BLM protests were around, John Boyega gave a powerful speech showing that we as black people are beautiful, excellent, have always mattered, and has also encouraged black men to take care of black women, mentioning that ‘black women are our hearts’ and ‘black men being the pillars of the family’. And we are!

Love yourself for who you are!

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CultureImportance Of Role Models In My Life – by Ethan Khumalo