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Introducing the Stencil Pencils and soundtrack “Gullible”

The ‘Stencil Pencils’ were formed in April 2020 to beat the boredom of staying at home due to the Coronavirus.

Here are more details:

There are three in the band, Johnson Harris-Herbert aka ‘bouba’, aged 11, Kale Harris-Herbert aka ‘woo’ aged 10 and Indiana Harris-Herbert aka ‘boo-lash’ aged 6.

We are always singing/tinkering away in our little music room on piano or guitars and our big sister heard us jamming to something we had put together about Covid19 and our celebration about captain Tom Moore which turned into our 1st song that we have written called ‘Quarantine/Covid19’.

We filmed our 1st video in May 2020 and performed our first live show to our neighbour’s as part of the VE Day street celebrations on Friday 8th May 2020.

Kale Harris-Herbert suffers life really hard as he has Asperger’s, he has no friends and finds it extremely difficult to make any friends within his peer group, he is a grand advocate for overcoming his disabilities. He created the band.

Please listen to our song “Gullible” and more details can be found on the Facebook page

News Introducing – The Stencil Pencils