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Janet Willicott interviewed by Anna Kennedy on All Things Autism radio show

Anna Kennedy OBE’s guest for this week on ‘All things Autism’ is Janet Willicott which will be aired at 1pm and 1am each day this week on . Here is Janet’s article:

Janet Willicott is a diverse, open, transparent & equality campaigner across all communities. She is a Director of her own organisations, Normal Like Me Ltd: Educational, Legal and Public Health Consultancy  and SETD 5 Ltd: Global Non-Profit for a Rare Neurological Disease Syndrome Community (in maintenance) .   

Janet set up her private research company [Normal Like Me Ltd (SEND Educational & Public Health Research Consultancy which includes Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services Ltd.] to conduct a Legal and Scientific Evidenced Report for her son Bastian’s SEND Legal Case against the United Kingdom [BWillicott v UK] 2015 for The ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) using The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) (formally the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) which is an international convention to protect human rights and political freedoms in Europe.

The ECHR was Drafted in 1950 by the then newly formed Council of Europe, the convention then entered into force on 3 September 1953. 

Five years on, Janet remains an independent researcher in Law, Health & Education, including researching and reading for Neuro Psychology for Neuroplasticity Models (Controlled Default Nurturing) to encourage independence in those with de novo loss brain damage. 

Janet holds regular talks across the country and is often asked to deliver presentations and or is called upon to impart her knowledge through Public Speaking (Keynotes) and Public Address.  BBC Question Time, Westminster, Excel (Legal Ex), various Local Authorities and Charities, and Parent Carer Forums. She can also be found support Academics to include Learning Disability England to name but a few.

Janet’s scope is to publish her postdoctoral research on (CDN) models, whilst still representing SEND Clients at Legal Educational and Health Care Tribunals.  She mediates for Local Authorities, Educational Institutions and SEND Parents alike, to include Private and Corporate Organisations, so that the Equality Act is maintained, which adhering to the UK’s Rule of Law Judicial System.

Janet was invited to stand for two MP Candidate Positions in [2019], one of which, was the Late Prime Minister ‘Dame Maggie Thatcher’s’ constituency, but after her biggest interview to date and her thorough research into political forecasting, she opted to continue with her PhD in Education and Health, instead, writing, reading and research for a new [UK Accountability Act] for the 1.4 million children and young people who still remain forgotten about, especially when it comes to them and their parents securing their rightful and duty bound education and health outcomes.

Janet also supports The All Parliamentary Political Group SEND [APPG SEND] for the UK Government and many other UK wide organisations in her quest for justice and on Twitter. 

All Party Parliamentary Group for SEND at its inaugural meeting at Westminster Palace February 2020.

When Janet is not representing her clients, she divides her time with her son Bastian, her wife to be Michaela, and their blended family, including a hairless crazy Sphynx cat called Lady Mellarani, the gracious Taby cat called Great Dame Meggie of Meggles, Professor Rupert the Rag Doll cat who sleeps 24/7 and Dr Harvey McTavish the Pomsky Puppy who never sleeps at all, not forgetting their Blackmoor goldfish called Dolphie and Salmon.

Janet enjoys Travelling, BBQing, Food and Extreme Ultra Sports where she enjoys running extreme ultra deserts marathons and swimming. Beach lounging is a second favourite hobby.

You can often find Janet in a local coffee eatery, reading and preparing for PhD in Education and Health at Middlesex University (Middlesex University )(Project IMPACTS©) a Governmental Report Thesis on the overall Fiscal, Health Impacts and Cost Analysis for an Accountability Act for all Health and Educational outcomes.

Janet details her 10-year legal challenge against her Local Authority in chronology format in her [about] section on her Facebook Business Profile. Janet was awarded Excellence in Education by Inclusive Companies in 2018.

Janet understands diversity well, born in Southern African into a mixed heritage, ethnic varying religious cultural family. Janet left African because of conflicts with how humans of colour were treated. She has travelled and studied extensively. Janet hails from a multi-skilled diplomatic principled background in Public & Environmental Health, SEND Advocacy, SEND Research, Health Policy, Food Law, Food Policy, Sociology & Cultural Divergence, to include Educational & Human Rights Law, Public Health Research & Corporate Event Management.

Janet, because of her research, voice, activism, campaigning and legal cases, has become a Prominent SEND Activist, advocating for the ‘First do No Harm’ or ‘Primum non nocere’ by using, The Health Principles [1946] alongside Cost-Benefit & Cost-Effective Analysis Models based on early intervention, using her go to sources but not limited to are i.e. Professor Marmot of (The Marmot Review) to include the Social and Wider Determinants of Society,  / as well as  Professor Brian Lamb of the Lamb Inquiry

Janet uses the Governments First and Second Duties to gain Accountability.Keep Safe from undue harm and case law. The health Principles, as mentioned as legally speaking Health enraptures all that is required to enable humans to live out their lives, which includes being educated.

She is a Westminster Health & Education Forum Forum Published Delegate,  and Janet’s work has been recognised by the Royal Society of Public Health and British Institute of Inn Keeping for her joint roles as a Professional Researcher & Personal Licensee . Janet was awarded both of her Fellowships in 2019. She is also an Associate of the Charted Instituted of Environmental Health  and a Member of The European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association, an Academic Members of both Association British Education Studies and Bar Human Rights Committee. Her research is shared with the NHS Networks). Janet sits on the Coursera Moderators Panel for Utrecht University for Human Rights Courses.

Janet successfully challenged both the LA & UK at an international court without legal representation based on a new model of educational need, writing a EU combined discipline research overview report for best suitable educational environment. She has successfully produced a Phenotypic Expression guide for the community of SETD 5 which is being used by Paediatricians and Consultants around the world.

She also successfully submitted an article for the green paper Mental Health for Schools (Next Steps) for the U.K. Government for consideration when saving public money. Janet has tirelessly advocated for disabled families in High Court using her model of Suitable Educational Environment which has set a Legal Precedent.  Janet is regularly followed by Members of Parliament, and her articles are well received. 

Articles to tickle the SEND Taste Buds

Janet’s articles are published by Westminster Health or Education Forums under a fee/paywall, however please her website or Facebooks accounts for the occasionally free release.

Some Westminster Articles can be downloaded for free click here to download. Normal Like Me called for an Independ Media Phased Reporting of SEND BuzzFeed Media (Political Correspondent) is working with Janet to produce the SEND Phase Reports.

BWillicott v UK [2015/2016] – What happens to children and young people with SEND, when they fit neither mainstream nor special educational settings/environments? “In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.” United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989 (Article 3) or click here to download.

Please See LinkedIn for list of Publications (most) are behind paywalls though, but summaries can be gleamed from this link. Janet Holds Weekly Free Facebook SEND live Pro Bono (giving back to the SEND Community to empower and give a voice to those who are left behind).

Janet offers her expertise to several Organisations around the UK, especially supporting those with SEND, Autism, Rare Diseases or Learning Disabilities, to include Mental and Emotional Health. She also regularly supplies EHCP and SEND Templates for Parents at the wits end and posts them free to use on most of the main SEND Facebook Groups and or Organisation’s pages, which are usually found in the Files Sections. 

NOT FINE IN SCHOOL – click on the following links:

You can find Janet on Social Media:

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Janet Willicott can be contacted for bookings, advice, support or even further information by Email, Website or through messaging her Facebook Business Page.

You can listen to the podcast ‘All things Autism’ on Women’s Radio Station at 1pm and 1am each day this week on 

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