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Autism Advocate Anna Kennedy OBE regularly invites guests to her monthly slot on Sky TV’s ChrissyB Show. It’s the only Mental Health and Well Being chat show on TV.

This month Joely Colmer Author was Anna’s guest and Joely was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum when she was 2 years old.

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Joely shares she was partially deaf and could not speak (in English-using sentences etc) until she was 7 years old. Joely was communicating using Sign language, made up language- (much like a toddler) and using ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Joely had different interests to her peers and as an adult her specific interest was on her own Autism and wanted to share her story through writing a book, which is now a best seller and has empowered so many people around the world and raises Autism awareness.

As an adult her specific interest has become Joely’s autism-hence why she is so passionate about sharing her story and learning to understand all things autism.

Joely shared: “I went to a special needs school until I was 9 -they changed my life and empowered me. My parents gave me 1-2- 1 support at home, so I could go through all lessons that I had learnt during school. I started a dual placement with a Mainstream Primary school at the age of 8-9 years old. This did not go well, and the school lacked understanding of my needs. I started Mainstream Secondary school where I had an incredible SENCO who made life just about bearable. I found out I had and autism spectrum condition and told my friends, I started writing my book because I wanted to help others like me and despite being a victim of many torrid circumstances which resulted a negative impact on me, I completed my degree with high grades through the support of her family and teachers”

Joely then started volunteering and led to event design, public speaking and training leading to awards and empowered her which through herself, empowered others as she shares all aspects both negative and positive of having Autism which has led her into being a successful advocate and this is her focus now and through the creation of her book ‘AspergerWorld’ this is now her online autism activism enterprise business.

Joely is now the world ANCA Ambassador, giving speeches and the UK’s No 1 motivational speakers agency, Joely also offers training workshops in different areas as well as mentoring and being a role model to others.

This journey is one that is just beginning for this incredible lady and her interview with Chrissy B is just part of the gift Joely shares and an inspiration to many.

Click here to watch the interview.

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NewsJoely Colmer shares her incredible journey on the Chrissy B Show