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My next guest chatting ‘All things Autism and life Lockdown’ is John Paul one of our charity Patrons.

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About John-Paul J-Rock Horsley

John-Paul met Anna in 2017 through social media and then again at an Autism fundraiser held by BMW London. John Paul is a member of the band Big Brovaz and proud Father to Richard-Michael Kymanni  Horsley and four other children. John-Paul is an advocate for raising Autism Awareness and frequently visits schools and provisions.

Anna and John-Paul got on immediately the moment they met, and are on the same wavelength with so much common ground, Autism Awareness being the greatest.

J-Rock from MOBO award winning R&B and hip hop music group Big Brovas announced his first ever charity single in April 2018 and reproduced his version of 2003 hit Baby Boy’ alongside 7 other artists all of whom have autism making this single totally unique and poignant.

Here is the full video of Baby Boy. Our AKO singers ‘Building Bridges’ collaborated with ‘Big Brovaz’ front man ‘J-Rock’ covering one of his BIGGEST hits, “Baby Boy” as a charity single.

This is on sale at 99p – click here to purchase your copy

John Paul appeared on the Channel 4 documentary ‘Are you Autistic?’ where he was diagnosed on the autism spectrum

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News Our next guest on “All things Autism and life Lock-down’ is John Paul who is one of our charity Patrons