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Joshua Scott-Crowley performs with Blyth Road in Camden 

Russell Wiggins (past Autism’s Got Talent performer) and his band Blyth Road, attended Autism’s Got Talent 2021.

They were blown away by Joshua Scott Crawley’s drum solo.

Upon chatting to him afterwards, Richard Bagnulo, the band’s lead singer, said how amazing it would be to get Joshua to do a set at one of their gigs on their UK Tour.

Joshua and his family were excited at the thought of this and on Friday 14th January, Joshua got to play solo at the legendary Dublin Castle, Camden.

The crowd were blown away by his talent, and it was a great way to kick off Blyth Road’s set at the gig. It was so heart-warming to see two different Autism’s Got Talent performers going on to do so well as a result of being in the show.

Richard from Blyth Road shared:
“When I saw Josh perform at Autisms Got Talent 2021, I was blown away by his talent. He looked like he was having the time of his life, and you could feel his confidence radiating from the stage. As soon as he finished performing I turned to my bandmates and said “more people need to see that”.
We spoke to him after the show and asked if he would be up for opening our gig in Camden Town on the 14th of Jan, he seemed really excited by the idea so we made it happen! We know he is going to do an amazing job on stage and we can’t wait to perform alongside him”

Russell Wiggins from Blyth Road shared:
“We were blown away by Josh at AGT and just knew we had to get him on stage for one of our gigs.
He absolutely smashed his performance and we couldn’t be more proud”

Josh shared: 
“I played last Friday at the Dublin Castle! I was so excited all day, a nervous excited, if you know what I mean? Just like on the amazing night at AGT! I could not believe Richard had given me this chance to plat in Camden!!! How cool is that?  It was great to meet Richard properly and all the guys from Blyth Road again, they are all  so cool and really, really kind and I love them all.
They are just awesome and I loved rocking out to their music when they came on stage after I had played.

The crowd were great and I was buzzing for hours afterwards, I still am to be honest. I felt on top of the world and as high as the sun, just so totally happy.

AGT and this night are the best days of my life so far. I never ever thought I would get the chance to play at proper places and  concerts, and I felt like a rock star! I’ve got to be the luckiest dude in the world!!!

Thank you so much Anna Kennedy and everyone at AGT and you Lisa. And a big thank you to  Blyth Road especially Richard Bagnulo who is just such an  awesome person and has the kindest blue eyes ever! If ever you need a drummer, I’m your man :-)”

Please watch video below:

*** Important warning: Language contained in the video may be offensive to some audiences***

Joshua Scott-Crowley performs with Blythe Road in Camden
Joshua Scott-Crowley performs with Blythe Road in Camden
Joshua Scott-Crowley performs with Blythe Road in Camden
Joshua Scott-Crowley performs with Blythe Road in Camden
Joshua Scott-Crowley performs with Blythe Road in Camden
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Autism's Got TalentJoshua Scott-Crowley performs with Blyth Road in Camden