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Just breathe …

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Four easy breathing techniques to ease stress and boost non adrenaline, focus and coping skills!

For many of us we are undergoing huge amounts of worry and stress right now. Some of our young people who are already so vulnerable to mental health issues following Covid are now also soon to undergo GCSE’s and A levels.

Those of us with children who are neurodiverse have proven stress and fatigue levels equivalent to soldiers back from front lines.

Those of us who are neurodivergent also have 2-6 x higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, than neurotypical people.

Mindful breathing techniques are so POWERFUL on many proven neuroscientific levels.

When we are stressed the blood and oxygen to the brain decreases by a massive by 40%! When we regularly practise breathing techniques it floods the body with party levels of blood and oxygen which boosts focus and perspective.

Mindful breathing stimulates non adrenaline, the enemy of cortisol. Non adrenaline boosts focus and positivity.

Serotonin and dopamine are pushed up from the gut, flooding our brains with focus, clear thinking, concentration, motivation, self-esteem, and perspective.

The grey matter around the amygdala/emotional brain/fear centre actually REDUCES!!! And what is even better is that the grey matter around the frontal lobe which contains all our higher or executive brain functions GROWS!!!! This has been proven through neural imaging and MRI scanning.

Heart rate and blood pressure even out whiling anxiety, depression, insomnia and even PTSD are eased considerably.

Our bodies and brains are just so PERFECTLY designed, I get SO EXCITED!! And we have all these powerful neuroscientific tools at our fingertips.

I absolutely love it!!

See you next week, lots of love, Giuliana xx

Just breathe
Just breathe
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