Last weekend, The Autism Show London opened its doors to thousands of visitors. 

Visitors enjoyed talks and seminars on subjects as varied as sensory processing, autism and ageing, lego therapy and The Autism Act. Speakers. I finally met the Inspirational Janis Sharp (mother of Gary McKinnon) after speaking to her many times on Social Media. TV presenter and parent of a child with autism, David and Cary Grant, shared their personal experiences of parenting a child and adult on the spectrum. I met them both at Mum’s Show Live and shared experiences on Performing Arts and autism.

One of the main show highlights was Autism’s got Talent on both Friday and Saturday.The Theatre was packed and then some! Some comments about the show:

‘What an amazing show!’ Mary Deigan
‘It was just Brilliant!’ Mandy Dudley
‘Autism’s Got Talent was amazing and inspiring, a real emotional rollercoaster!! Thank you’ Lainey Parkin
‘Anna, it was fantastic!! Such amazing young people. Made me cry!’ Katarina Wilmore
The Autism Show Manchester taking place on 28-29 June, less than two weeks away, Anna Kennedy online has 10 pairs of tickets to give away again if you wish to enter the Prize draw please email