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New Learningrose website – by Rebecca Taylor

New Learningrose website – by Rebecca Taylor

About Rebecca

I am the mother to a son of 16 who has autism, severe sensory modulation dysfunction and other complex needs. I am ex British Airways cabin crew and flew for over 7 years and know first-hand how important it is for safety and communication reasons that all passengers feel at ease.

In 2018, I won the Anna Kennedy National Autism Parent Carer Award as well as being the only person to be a finalist for two other categories – Lifetime Achievement award and Autism Peoples Hero award, both of which were recognised by an official certificate of achievement:

In  2019, I won the Anna Kennedy Entrepreneurial Award which was for the work I’d done with British Airways:

Our  new  website  encompasses  the additional journeys we have produced so far and our app is available on the app store.  You’ll find our cards in a full card layout as well as individual flash cards. You can contact me by email at and on my mobile 07973-219299.

Assuring you of our best attentions in all matters, Rebecca J Taylor

About Learningrose

Learningrose provide detailed information cards; prepared for print and digital use to support travelling through the airport, the journey on board, its service and arriving at the destination. All cards are endorsed “in partnership with The National Autistic Society”

They have been designed to be multifunctional and multi-disability friendly; they work with any age to reduce anxiety and stress for the passenger by using the card or mobile app as well as other people on board. Through a mixture of words and pictures they can assist many passengers with a mental, hidden or physical disability and for passengers who may be anxious flying as well as people who may have not flown before.

British Airways have recently renewed their license to continue using the cards for a second year onboard their fleet.

The airport journey can be complimented with a variety of additional cards to help everyday encounters and experiences; in turn, providing a valuable tool for customer engagement and loyalty through wider habitual use of our or your own mobile app when not flying.

We support businesses wanting to enhance their current CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with 3 services:

  1. Consultancy and support on all things Autism.
  2. Providing graphic + creative services for existing cards or designing new requested card experiences and journeys.
  3. Delivering ‘your own branding’, additional customisation and integration development for our own proprietary mobile app if required or supporting third party tech requirements.


Airport information cards Stranger Danger Getting the Bus
Going to Supermarket COVID 19 Getting on a train
Going to a Restaurant Going for a walk in a park Going to the Opticians
Going to the Dentist  Going to the Doctor  Going to a Florist

Plus many more.



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Autism Hero AwardsNew Learningrose website – by Rebecca Taylor