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Life in Lockdown by one of of our AGT Performers – Paul Davidson

Here is more about Paul:

“My name is Paul, I have autism I have a miscommunication verbal problem but I express through my dance. I have been dancing for about 8 years since I watched Got To Dance and I love dancing because it gives me so much freedom I also do a mixture of street dance and Contemporary combine into called Experimental dance because I want to make something new and different”.

Paul’s article

It was strange being stuck at home. Life changed during the pandemic; I could dance inside the house (a bit) but there was no chance of floor-work… or back-flips. Dance studios still aren’t open. Remote classes aren’t the same.

I went to visit and photograph empty places in London in May before lock-down was lifted. It felt so odd — like a ghost town. I was riding on a bike from place to place and it felt a lot safer than in normal traffic. It got me wondering what other places I have visited might be like. Paris, empty. Barcelona, empty. As if human beings were extinct. Like we could be if we’re not careful.

So I decided that whatever the restrictions, maybe because of the restrictions, I needed to make a dance for film. I had the idea to create a piece about life stuck at home for days and weeks during Lock-down when performances, classes, restaurants, events and everything were cancelled.

I know people all around the world were having similarly difficult times because of COVID-19.

Being cut off from everybody I had to learn to edit the video myself. That was quite a challenge, especially without anything like the latest gear.I want to thank my mum and dad for filming, directing and giving me ideas.

My dance video could not have been done without them. I hope you enjoy my dance video. Hopefully once this is over we will see each other again. Stay safe and well. 

News Life in Lockdown – by Paul Davidson