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Massage Stories for Superheroes!!
by Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Well, it is Autism Expo week this week and I feel this overwhelming gorgeous need to SHOUT from the highest buildings just how much I think you are all SUPERHEROES!!

Not just because of four lockdowns and Covid but because those of us who are neurodiverse have incredible gifts and strengths along with any issues or challenges.

My own autistic son is just one of the thousands of superheroes I know and have the privilege to work with. I have never let anyone define him, limit him, tell me it is not possible or that he will not achieve. I will be talking about this at the AKO Autism Expo on Saturday 27th March, let us bust a few of those myths surrounding autism …

So today I am celebrating you ALL by using touch and gentle massage which I am weaving into stories.

Being told a story releases tonne of serotonin into our bodies and brains, filling us with happiness, confidence, and self-esteem. It bonds us, encourages trust, stimulates imagination and creativity, and helps boost sleep.

Combined with touch this is neural DYNAMITE!!!

Touch hugely stimulates immunity along with the other three main happy hormones and coping chemicals flooding us with motivation, focus, drive, concentration, emotional and social intelligence as well as lowering our heart rate and blood pressure and easing us into that relaxed state of rest and learning.

So have fun!! Mix it all up a bit!! You cannot go wrong! And everyone will love it!

Please see below the link to my YouTube channel where I demonstrate a few ideas ….

Stay safe and happy, Giuliana

Multi award winning specialist therapist, author, advocate, and public speaker

Massage Stories for Superheroes
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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignMassage Stories for Superheroes!! by Giuliana Wheater