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Fir Tree Motors Ltd started in 1979 by Chris Middleton, and in 2014, Thomas Tidiman came on board as Managing Director. The company has three apprentices, all hard working individuals. However, Boris Johnson is visiting one in particular, Patrick due to his current achievements. Patrick has Aspergers Syndrome and is achieving above and beyond at his new role at Fir Tree. Described as determined and eager, Patrick is excelling in his new role. 
Boris Johnson is an advocate for placing young people into work and Patrick is a prime example of what can be done when you set your mind to something. The garage has made remarkable progress with apprentices and work experience students and is helping the local economy and community grow and regenerate. 
“One of my main visions was to bring apprentices into the garage to help them fulfill their potential, and watch them grow into decent young individuals.” Thomas Tidiman, Managing Director, “All three of my apprentices have done amazingly well, I am just taken aback by the determination and ambition of Patrick to achieve despite his difficulties.”
For Patrick, growing up and doing certain things has been difficult. Thomas took on Patrick, after his mum Anna Kennedy, Founder of leading autism charity asked him if Patrick would be able to work a few days a week to improve his social skills. Thomas was more than happy to offer him a position. 
“I am so proud of Patrick and what he has achieved in such a short amount of time. He has grown as a person and has improved skills and knowledge. There have been times that have been difficult, but he is continuing to do well and loves what he is doing.” – Anna Kennedy.
Boris Johnson, along with Thomas and Anna understand the difficulties that are faced by people on the spectrum, and those with special needs, especially within the job market. Fir Tree is tackling these issues and has come to appreciate the benefits that someone like  Anna’s son Patrick can provide. 
“Patrick showed me the special qualities he has as a person. He has a good heart and a very good sense of humour which goes along way with me. Fir Tree Motors without Patrick Kennedy would be a very dull place indeed.” – Thomas Tidiman, Managing Director. Patrick is also treated with respect by the other members of the team, and Thomas is being celebrated for creating a productive, comfortable and trusting place to work. “I hope to one day expand the garage, with more premises and infuse a link between Fir Tree and the Autistic Spectrum where I can create more opportunities like I have for Patrick. Its a big task ahead but my ambition to be successful in life and to help others in the process will get me to where I eventually want to be.”
Anna says ‘This is what makes Fir Tree Motors different to the rest of the Garages out there and creates a lifeline for individuals like my son.
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