Women’s Radio Station

Anna Kennedy has been offered a regular slot on Woman’s radio station. Women’s Radio Station is all about diversity, from opinions, career, ethnicity, education but more importantly entertainment we aim to show the individuality of every woman, everywhere. Providing opportunities and a platform for your voice,  irrespective of creed, colour, race, disability or religion.

Women’s Radio Station is a fresh new broadcasting platform driven by love and passion, connecting women around the world in a global network. 

Each show has a different guest and all about raising Autism awareness and sharing the Charity’s work – please click on the links below to listen to each guest and keep tuning in!

Heidi Kirrage 
January 2019
My Journey With Callum

 Mandy Aulak
January 2019
Navigating The Legal System

Tally Nothey
January 2019


Kristel Burgess
October 2018
Living with Autism – coming soon

Hannah and CharlotteOctober 2018Living with Autism
Ali Golding
October 2018All Things Autism
Paula McGowan
September 2018
Living with Autism
Nono CocoaSeptember 2018Living with Autism
Joely Colmer29th August 2018Living with Autism
Emma Ahwai
August 2018
Living with Autism
Chelsey Cookson
July 2018
Autism Reality Experience
Mala Thapar
June 19 2018
Talking Autism
Mel WoodApril 25 2018
Talking Autism
Karen Nunn
February 2018
Anna Kennedy - Karen Nunn
Maggie Paterson
6th February 2018
Talking Autism - Pineapple Dance
Cultural Issues and Autism
February 2018
Tally Nothey and Mala Thapar 
Anna KennedyFebruary 2018Talking Autism
Please see below a summary of all the shows with Anna which can be listened on SoundCloud below: