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Meditation an article by Giuliana Wheater with her video

Meditation truly is magic but science !! I absolutely love it ! You will be amazed by what the power of a simple guided journey , story or visualisation does on physical , mental and emotional levels . It’s a deeply relaxing mind and body workout !! 

Not only does it help the body “drop” from the endless chatter of the head and into the deep wisdom of the heart , it also helps us “drop” from the busy Beta levels we are normally on down to alpha and even theta levels.

This brings clarity, focus, perspective, motivation, imagination, creativity, mindfulness, self empowerment, immunity, better sleep, better health, improved decision making and communication. 

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety because it floods the body with oxytocin (love and nurture), serotonin (confidence, self esteem and happiness), dopamine (motivation and pleasure) and endorphins (pain relief). 

While all these happy hormones and coping chemicals zoom around our bodies, we are taken out of fight or flight, blood pressure is lowered and the 37.2 TRILLION cells in your body are all boosted until they shine!!

We feel able to cope and function and the risk of depression during these challenging fines is massively reduced. 

Aren’t our minds and bodies just INCREDIBLE !! 

Please watch my video below.

News Meditation an article by Giuliana Wheater