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Mental Health Awareness Week 2020


Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 18-24 May 2020
The theme is kindness

Everyday this week we will be sharing stories from our supporters to raise awareness to mental health – please read the articles below and share them 

Annie Sands

Annie Sands
Our first article is by Annie Sands – Anna is a patron of Autism Anglia

If a parent is going to tuck her two children under her arms and face the world, it is Anna Kennedy. I told her the other day, I have two heroines in my life, Violette Szabo and Anna Kennedy.

I first met Anna a few years back, when she presented me with an award at a swanky hotel in London.Our paths didn’t cross again until two years ago when we worked together to help a homeless autistic man.

Anna is now a Champion for the charity I work for and sponsored the Autism Passport which we produced.

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Dani Bowman

Dani Bowman

Our fifth article for Mental Health Awareness Week – by our overseas Ambassador Dani Bowman 

I am writing this article for Anna Kennedy Online for Mental Health Week, about my mental health during this pandemic.

I first met Anna Kennedy back in 2014 when I attended Wear it for Autism in London for Fashion Week as the first American with autism to walk on the runway for this event.

A year later, she asked me to became her overseas ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online, representing the United States.

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Tess Eagle Swan

Tess Eagle Swan
Our second article by Tess Eagle Swan – an AGT performer

An autistic view of Covid, lock-down and life. Mental health, melt downs, tools of coping, nettles and dogs.

Covid brought lock down to the UK. People are struggling with the isolation. I love it. It is my normal. What I cannot cope with are all the people I haven’t seen before and who don’t respect my space.

Melt downs and some pretty strong South London swear words that a few had hurled at them, reminding me of life before diagnosis.That was a scary time, many times.

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Calvin Glen

Calvin Glen

Our sixth article by Mental Health Awareness Week by Calvin Glen who performed at AGT 

I am Calvin, a 19 year old boy, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age seven, alongside associated mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

For many of my formative years I struggled with social interaction, attending school and my mental health, eventually leading me to a full mental breakdown. As I was coming out of my mental breakdown, I made decisions to change my life such as to stop trying to fit in and always be myself, and to help support others who struggle with their mental health.

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Gemma Owens

Gemma Owen - Radio guest All things Autism
Our third article by Gemma Owens, Gemma’s daughter Sophia was a performer at AGT

My name is Gemma Owens and I am thirty-six years old. 
I have a diagnosis of Autism and also suffer with mental health.

I live in a busy house with my husband, my mum and five children – Tyler is seventeen years old and has a diagnosis of ASD and bowel problems, Finley is age sixteen and has ASD and ADHD.

Sophia is age twelve and has ASD and ADHD, Kyron is seven years old and Edie-Rose is four years old.

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Michelle Elvin

Michelle Elvin and family

Our seventh article for Mental Health Awareness Week – Michelle Elvin, her son Macauley is our Ambassador and AGT performer

Imagine if Lock down didn’t have an end date ! That’s a post I read on Facebook on the National M E Association page. I have had M E since August 1999 after a bout of glandular fever which followed a particularly traumatic pregnancy and c-section with our younger Son Owen. 

My husband Kenny and I are blessed to have two sons Macauley and Owen. Macauley age twenty-two, a singer and talented performing arts student and proud Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online. 

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Angus Baskerville

Angus Baskerville

Our fourth article by Mental Health Awareness Week by Angus Baskerville who performed at AGT and our other charity events

I am now twenty four years old but was diagnosed at the age of fifteen with Aspergers and ADHD. 

I first had the pleasure of meeting Anna Kennedy and her team back in 2016 when I was lucky enough to take part in the amazing Autism’s Got Talent showcase as a young magician.  I am beyond grateful to AKO for the opportunity I was given that day 4 years ago this month. Fast forward 5 years, and I have now been accepted as a member of the prestigious Magic Circle!

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Mental Health Awareness Week -2020