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My petition has reached almost 12000 signatures!!

Thank you to everyone who has signed my petition. I am pleased to share that it is in Woman Magazine today.

Petition has reached almost 12000 signatures!!

My aim is that I would like to call for Local Authorities to fulfil their duty of care by making provision for the lifetime needs, such as education, housing, employment, health, social care, and medical care for each individual diagnosed autistic and other overlapping conditions living within their local authority.

We also need to raise the status of our care and support workers so that it better reflects the skills, which are vital and much needed of our care professionals.

A campaign is needed to raise the status of our support workers and bring it into line with other professions. They are the backbone of our society.

Perception needs to change that care work is unskilled and a low status career which it is clearly not. This commitment by Local Authorities and our Government will decrease the anxiety and stress that parents experience and provide the much-needed reassurance and a peace of mind.

I would appreciate it if you would share my petition:

Sending best wishes and positive vibes.

Anna Kennedy OBE


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NewsMy petition has reached almost 12000 signatures!!