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My story – an article by Bobby Latheron

Tell me about your life?

My name is Bobby Latheron. I am 25 years old. I live in Middlesbrough which is in the North East. And I have Autism. I come from a large family and live with my mum, her partner, and my brother. My passion’s include writing books and songs. I have released 7 songs onto Spotify and YouTube and have released a book which is sold in Waterstones.

Tell me about your experiences living with autism

My family always knew I had autism from a young age. When I was little I had a happy life and thought life was easy. When I went to secondary school life got harder. At the mainstream secondary school, I felt different to everyone else. I struggled in the large classroom setting and was considered to be a naughty child. I did silly things to make friends. I was not able to do the work because I struggled with my learning. I would get detentions for not knowing how to tie my ties.

After 2 years, I transferred to a school for people with autism. At that school I felt it was almost too laid back but I was in a safer place where I was understood. Now that I’m grown, I realise how I struggle with being in healthy relationships. I am proud of who I am and who I love and my autism.

Tell me about highs in your life

I have written a book. I am a songwriter. I have a good relationships with my friends and family. I just started a job where I work with people with special needs, just like me.


My lows have been my relationships. I have been too trustful and taken advantage of. Sometimes I struggle with my mental health which is why I write songs. Good friendships can be hard to find.

What gave you the idea to write a book?

At ESPA, I used to write stories and teachers thought I had a good imagination. It was a teacher who said I should write a book. And so I did.

What is your book about?

My book is called My World in My Words. It is three stories in one. The main story is about my life with autism from when I was little to now. It talks about my struggles with my relationships and my diagnosis of autism. I even had people explain in their own words what autism meant to them and who I am to them. The second part of my book is about my song writing and how it started. The third part, is my imagination and how I see the world.

What will people learn when they read the book?

I hope they will learn about autism and me for who I am and not just my autism.

How will the book help others?

I want people to learn about autism and be kind and understanding. I want them to know that people with autism are not naughty, just different.

What is next for you?

I hope to do a documentary. I am writing another book and would like that to be published sooner rather than later. I want to go places and spread awareness of my book as well as autism. I would also like my music spread and hopefully work towards a contract. With my script, I would love to write a play or inspire a storyline.

Where can others find the book?

The book is available in Waterstones in Middlesbrough. You can also get it online on Amazon, Ebay, and Waterstones.

News My story – an article by Bobby Latheron