A guide to everyday hurdles written by autistic teens for autistic teens. An honest and endearing guide to everyday hurdles many autistic teens face,and advice on how best tackle them.Written by a group of autistic students for their Young Enterprise project at Hillingdon Manor School.The aim of helping other students who have found themselves in tricky situations.

‘Speaking as the Co Founder of Hillingdon Manor School I have no hesitation in confirming that this book is one of the schools greatest achievements. It provides advice from the people who matter,namely the young pupils who are affected bu Autism Spectrum Conditions. I am very proud of the achievements of these pupils and look forward to them making their mark in this world,starting with this book.’
Anna Kennedy OBE

Authors are Sam Francis, Andreas Lopes,Sam Burton, Shomari Nassor , Milo Rodgers, Leanne Middlemass and Justin Eseigbe

Book will be available £5 plus postage please email lisa.robins@thevines.org.uk or call 01895 619734  available UK and Overseas.

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