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Radio coverage

Each show has a different guest and all about raising Autism awareness and sharing the Charity’s work.

Anna shared:
“If like me you are juggling too many balls and dropping most of them.. this could be just the show for you.

Join me and my special guests and get involved as we tackle the subjects they don’t always tell you about – the guilt, the postnatal depression, and the loneliness.

We’ll have practical advice on how to get back to work or not, how to cope with the perpetual pressures and remind you how to laugh out loud as we examine the highs and lows of Motherhood.

Spoonful’s of advice and incredible true stories, with your help it will be a refreshing, honest and funny look at being a mum.”


Gateway 97.8

All Things Autism In Essex

Our ambassador Aston Avery and Anna have a regular slot called “All things Autism” in Essex on Gateway Radio.
This takes place on the first Thursday of every month.
If you would like to be a guest on the show, click here to email us your details.

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Anna - All Things Autism

All Things Autism - Women’s Radio

Anna Kennedy’s slot is all about diversity, from opinions, career, ethnicity, education but more importantly entertainment. Providing opportunities and a platform for your voice, irrespective of creed, colour, race, disability or religion.

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