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NO to Bullying – YOU define YOU 

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

I am writing to you all this week because more recently I have literally been inundated with emails and messages about bullying. Many of these stories have broken my heart and one in particular over the weekend had me in tears.

A certain little lad in America has been so badly bullied that he has become terrifyingly anorexic to the point that he is in a Hospital for Sick Children.

He has missed years of school and yet the bullies still continue to torture him by sharing memes of him which they call “Stick Man”.

This little boy now continually tries to pull out the drip that is the only thing keeping him alive.

I have tracked him down and am gifting him weekly Zoom sessions with me because I cannot stand by and watch another beautiful light go out.

Key to all this is that bullies, whether they be at home, school or the workplace are acting OUTSIDE of the law.

They will also have their own back stories … why are they bullies in the first place?

Yes, we need to act within the law and remind those who break it that it is not ok, and they need to be stopped … but fear of retribution will often prevent victims from speaking up.

Meeting aggression with aggression does not always work.

The bullies themselves need to do work on themselves as well as the victims. Or the cycle will just keep repeating and will become more vicious.

So, in today’s YouTube video I have shared some more ways to build POSITIVE NEUROLOGICAL PATHWAYS inside your brains and how to shrink the grey matter around the fear centre of the brain and grow it around your higher brain functions which are things like perspective, good judgment, seeing consequences and gaining focus.

What I have shared today also boosts ALL of your happy and coping neurotransmitters by employing Positive Growth Mindset activities and mindfulness.

Here are a couple of laws which you might also find useful if you are faced with a school that is turning a blind eye to bullying.

  • The Anti Bullying Act of 2013 “All elementary and secondary schools shall provide students and their parents/carers with a copy of the anti-bullying policies being adopted by the school.
  • Republic Act No 10627: An Act requiring ALL secondary and elemental schools to adopt policies to PREVENT and ADDRESS the acts of bullying in their institution.

Right now, as you are reading these 160,000 kids a day skip school to avoid bullies.

And teens aged 13-17 are all bullied ONLINE at some point.


So, take all that muck the bullies try to fill you with about yourself and turn that muck to compost.

YOU define YOU and you will RISE!!!!

Please check out some of my other videos on other methods you can use to make this happen. There is so much you can do to take back charge of beautiful, strong YOU!!!!

See you next week,


Well-being Charity Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online Learning Destination with the Children’s University

Centre of Excellence

Multi award winning therapist

Author, advocate, public speaker

NO to Bullying - YOU define YOU

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