“Give Us A Break!” Anti Bullying campaign


Many autistic children have gone back to school this week. Anna Kennedy OBE founder of a national autism charity has been contacted by parents where their children are refusing to go to school because of bullying at such an early stage of this academic year. 

Anna shares : ‘Schools must take action so that children with autism feel safe in lessons and at break times. Autistic children are seen by their parents and carers as vulnerable to bullying.’Give us a Break’ is Anna Kennedy Online anti bullying campaign. She calls on all schools and colleges to be particularly aware of the bullying that autistic students experience at break times and to provide positive activities that keep them safe. 

Many autistic students need ‘structured activities’ which are currently seriously lacking at break times in schools. Many parents and carers said they would embrace positive activities as a constructive way of combating the bullying of their children. “For children and young people with autism, break and lunch times in schools and colleges can be particularly daunting and can put them at risk of bullying.”

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If you would like to spread the word of our Give Us A Break campaign please download the posters below print off, please take a photograph of yourself and click here to email it to us, so we can share your support and let us make a change – together we are stronger!

Click here to download a Give Us A Break Poster – in light colour

Click here to download a Give Us A Break Poster – in dark colour

Anna Kennedy Online the UK Charity is to continue and raise awareness of bullying of children with autism in schools and colleges. ‘Too often these children are seen as the problem; as not ‘fitting in’ or ‘settling down.We want to see all schools take decisive action to create environments and cultures where all children feel safe and supported without fear of bullying’ Anna Kennedy shares ‘Autistic children should not be allowed to coast along without appropriate support until anxieties become so great that it leads to challenging behaviour both at home and school. Training is key.’ 

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‘Give us a Break!’ Anti Bullying Campaign – supporters taking action:

Angelo Kennedy

Last year Anna Kennedy’s son Angelo made his own Stop Bullying Give me a break ! T-Shirt at college. 
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Siena Castellon

Siena a winner at the Autism Hero Awards 2017, supporting our #GiveUsABreak #autism anti-bullying campaign 

Patrick Steele-Bodger

Patrick Steele-Bodger is a talented illustrator on the Autistic spectrum, with a passion for cartoon and film. 

For Anna Kennedy Online’s anti-bullying campaign ‘Give Us A Break’ 2018, Patrick wanted to share his understanding and insight into bullying through his drawings. Creating his own storyboard and illustrations he tells the story of how Autistic people can be excluded, and the feelings and physical affects of being bullied.

Please watch this incredible video below:

As always with Patrick’s positive and enthusiastic nature, he finishes with an insight into the character of a bully and advise for those who are bullied on how to build an environment of security, inclusion and confidence around themselves.

Over recent years he has been able to extend his illustrative skills in the workplace with Video2web, illustrating for companies like Ovenclean, ChipsAway, The Marist School in Sunningdale, ATS Global and Siemens. For more details about Patrick click here

Beverly Guest

Charity Champion Bev, shares her personal and powerful anti bullying video and article for ‘Give us a break! Anti Bullying Campaign’.

This has taken courage and strength from Bev to share this, being a victim herself evokes much emotion in others too. 

Please watch this emotional video:

Click here to read about her experiences in an article Bev has written


Paul Isaacs 

Paul Isaacs an autistic trainer, speaker, consultant and blogger who has been hosting workshops for Anna Kennedy Online was announced as the UK Ambassador at the Autism Hero Awards.

Click here to read an article by Paul for Anti Bullying Week.

For more details about Paul click here

Dani Bowman

Dani Bowman is one of our Charity Overseas Ambassadors supporting and spreading the word for our Charity ‘Give us a break! Anti Bullying Campaign’. 

Please watch this powerful video:

For more details about Dani click here

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