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Our guest on “All things Autism” Radio was Liam Burgess

Anna Kennedy’s guest on ‘All things Autism’ was Liam Burgess, please click here to listen to these amazing shows!

Shared by Liam:

My name is Liam, I was diagnosed with autism at an early age, and have had to learn and adapt to manage everyday tasks. I have recently graduated from performing arts school and would like to pursue a career in musical theatre.

I really enjoyed doing the interview with Anna, it was great to get to talk about my life experiences and share this. It was an ideal opportunity to speak about my school experiences, struggles and what helped me especially with communicating and portraying emotions.

When I performed at Autisms got talent, the people I met through this opportunity and hope our conversation empowers others. One of the things that I have learned is how music, dance and singing can have a positive impact and since I have graduated from college, I would like to raise autism awareness and share the benefits of performing arts.

If you would like to follow me on social media, you can find me:

Twitter: @Liam_musical

Instagram @Liam_24601

YouTube @liam burgess

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NewsOur guest on “All things Autism” Radio was Liam Burgess