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The Proven Benefits of Reflexology – an article by Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Reflexology as many of you will know is a type of non-invasive massage that involves applying different types of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. These are all a map of who we are and can be applied through socks for those who find bare feet a sensory overload. 

Used since ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese times, reflexology has been used for thousands of years. 

In the 1890’s Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington proved that the ENTIRE NERVOUS SYSTEM adjusts to outside factors such as TOUCH because the nerves connect our skin to our internal organs!! So, there is neurological connection!!! 

They also found that pressure sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves at the extremities of our bodies to the central nervous system where it tells the body to adjust the tension level.

This then brings the internal organs and the whole body into a state of optimum functioning where blood and oxygen are boosted to the cells and our circulatory , respiratory, endocrine (hormones) , immune and neuropeptide ( anti stress) systems are positively affected. 

At the start of the 20th century Dr William Figzgerald proved that by applying pressure to the zones in the hands and feet, imbalances, pain, and blockages would be eased in other parts of the body. 

Eunice Ingham pioneered this research into what we all know as reflexology today and introduced charts showing the location of the reflexes and how they relate to parts of the body.

Reflexology works on the ten zones running through the body from each toe to the head and down the arms to the hands and back again. Inside each zone is a flow of energy affecting the body parts within that zone.

Stress, illness, and injury can cause these to be blocked. 

It is massively beneficial in easing stress, balancing the hormones , boosting our immunity, boosting our emotional, mental and cognitive health as well as reducing pain by releasing endorphins and easing stress, so fabulous too for fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy and those with physical disabilities. 

Sleep is improved as well as mood. Attention and focus are hugely stimulated too. The whole nervous system is calmed. 

Reflexology above all is very safe, even for those living with a serious health condition. 

In my video this week I will be sharing a few reflexology techniques on a friends and family basis. Anyone can do it and you will really reap the rewards! Everyone loves having their feet massaged! See you next week! 

(Do not practise on anyone with blood clots, fungal infections, open wounds, or epilepsy.)


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The proven science behind Reflexology
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NewsThe Proven Benefits of Reflexology – an article by Giuliana Wheater