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The proven science behind touch using story massage – an article by Giuliana Wheater with her video

One question I am often asked , particularly in relation to any touch therapy , is what do I when someone has sensory issues surrounding Touch or would find it impossible to sit/lie down for long ….

Well firstly I always meet the person where they are and not where I want them to be. Everything in my work, particularly touch, is an invitation and if someone can’t sit still to receive it I will ask them to mirror me, show them how to do it for themselves … and often I will put the massage into a story or a song. 

I discussed the long proven scientific research and neuroscience in my last article and I summarise this again at the start of this week’s video for those of you who missed it.

In a nutshell touch boosts immunity, emotional intelligence, physical health, resilience to stress, trust, empathy, reading and processing faces, social cognition, sensory processing, confidence, bonding, greater social skills and the higher brain functions as well as easing stress, tension , anxiety, OCD, pain and the susceptibility to picking up additional mental health issues.

By using simple massage strokes (I use my own with a combination of the wonderful work by Mary Atkinson, founder of Story Massage and author of “Once Upon A Touch”), I tap into that child or young adult’s passion/ obsession or even mood or favourite song and I use this to massage them.

I have had parents break down crying because they have never seen their child be so still, relaxed and engaged for 30 minutes and some of these children can’t be in a classroom for any more than 10 minutes!!

So flow with each child, flow with each unique being. Bring fun and a little magic to scientific therapy and that person will lap all those delicious proven benefits.

The proven science behind Touch using Story Massage
The proven science behind Touch using Story Massage
News The proven science behind Touch using Story Massage – an article by Giuliana Wheater