My name is Siena. I am a 16 year old neurodiversity advocate and anti-bullying campaigner. I know how challenging it is to be a student with special educational needs. I am autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic and have ADHD.

Being different and standing out from the crowd is isolating, especially when those around us can’t understand the daily struggles that we face. Although, there are lots of support websites for the parents of children with learning differences, there are no websites to mentor and support us. I find this odd, since we are the ones that have to deal with the daily reality of having learning differences. I decided to change this by creating a website called that is especially designed to support students with learning differences and autistic students.

I have had lots of negative experiences because of my learning differences, including being bullied at school for most of my childhood. Along the way, I have learned how to succeed despite the obstacles I have faced. I am finally happy and doing well academically and socially. By sharing my experiences and the knowledge I have gained along the way, I hope to help kids like me have a smoother school experience. One my website, students will find the tips and tricks I have used to succeed in school. I also provide practical information about how to overcome some of the social and academic obstacles that students with special educational needs frequently face.

In order to change negative perceptions about learning differences and autism, I recently created a school campaign to promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards neurodiverse students. My campaign – – aims to have EVERY school in the UK sign up to participate in Neurodiversity Celebration Week, a week in which the strengths of being neurodiverse are recognised and acknowledged.

Please become a change-maker by being part of my campaign. Ask your school to support their dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic and ADHD students by taking part in Neurodiversity Celebration Week.

Who the service provides for: All students are eligible including primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.

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