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Relaxing neck massage to combat stress 

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Relaxing neck massage to combat stress and release delicious relaxation and dopamine … perfect for exams

Hello everyone! I hope you had the most gorgeous Jubilee celebrations and enjoyed the long sunny bank holiday weekend!

Well, we are almost at the halfway mark with the exam period!! I for one cannot wait to see the back of it. This one size fits all system in my opinion benefits very few anyway and I am full of admiration for this year group going through it after enduring covid and all the rental health issues it has exacerbated.

This week I am sharing some very easy neck massage techniques which you can use on a friends and family basis, as a therapist as part of your sessions or for yourselves on an as and when needed basis.

The only contraindication is if you have or are recovering from cancer, due to the lymph which could carry the nasty cells.

Otherwise, these absolutely delicious and simple techniques will not only push the blood and oxygen to your brain to boost concentration and focus, but it will also surge they glorious neurotransmitter dopamine up the vagus nerve and into your brain.

Dopamine as you know I would the neurotransmitter for attention, motivation, the feeling of reward, feeling able to cope and function as well as clarity of thought, focus and productivity.

Stretching the neck also brings us back into the present and releases any aches, pains, stress, or tension build up.

These techniques are discreet as well as easy and can be self-administered even during an exam.

I am thinking of you all and sending you all the positivity I can during this time.

Take care of yourselves. Love, Giuliana

Relaxing neck massage to combat stress

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