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Autism travel insurance

Autistic Home Decorating: Make your home autism friendly by Jennifer McGregor 

The Top 3 Challenges to Finding a Babysitter for Your Special Needs Child — and How to Overcome Them by Jennifer McGregor 

How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Child with Autism by Don Lewis

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for a Child with Autism  by Don Lewis

Sumita Majumdar – autism, race and  autism in females 

Sharon King – autism, family, children on the autism spectrum

Rosie King – How autism freed me to be myself – TEDex talk by then teenager Rosie King about her views autism and how it relates to her imagination and creativity

Donna Williams – musician, artist, poet, author and lecturer on the autism spectrum – her blog covers a wide array of contextual autism and non-autism related topics

A clip from Jam Jar the 1995 documentary with Donna Williams in which she in a supermarket with her ex-husband Paul and talks about information processing challenges she has

Water Safety Guide for Children With Special Needs

Collection of high-quality resources on the topics of mental health, education, routines, and more.

A guide to flying for people with disabilities

Fully Accessible Guide to Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds and Playsets

Guide to Accessible Entertainment

Absolutely Together operates free activities at Rogue Leisure every Sunday for children with additional needs

Together Karting A Unique way for your family to experience the thrill of karting together

Help with jargon – If you think you need support, an assessment will find out what your needs are

10 activities & Games for kids with autism

Guide to Sensory-Friendly and Accessible Event Planning

Read This If You Don’t Know How to Talk to Someone Who Has Autism

I don’t Understand People – Short Documentary Drama about the autistic experience

Thomas Henley Autism Advocate, Public Speaker & Online Content Creator

Unity Forward A insight analysis on Hidden Differences during the pandemic period & beyond

Twenty-one Analysis Providing analysis and conclusions to the insight document to mark twenty-one years of the project director in providing awareness projects

Twenty-one insight An insightful analysis of Hidden Differences During the twenty-one year of the project director in providing awareness projects

Twenty-one insight Bitesize edition Part 2 An insightful analysis of Hidden Differences During the twenty-one year of the project director in providing awareness projects

Beyond Understanding: A suggestions guide for hidden differences at salsa related dancing environment

Please take a look at some further useful articles below, which include useful news items and book reviews:

Please see details below of the BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials programme:-

BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials programme fund aims to provide grant items that meet children and young peoples’ most basic needs or are critical to their wellbeing.  It supports children and young people who are facing exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Becoming a referrer & supporting the families you work with: You can find more information and register as a referrer on their website:

You can find out more information about eligibility criteria and what being a referrer for the grant means in these guidelines:

When writing your applications ensure that you put as much detail about the beneficiary’s financial situation and the crisis which they are going through.  Focus on the impact of the crisis and vulnerability on the child.  Explain the impact the item will have on the child and what the impact would be if they didn’t receive the grant.

If you would like any advice on how to apply or if you would like to check whether a child is eligible please call 01904 55 00 11 or

If you work with disabled children, it’s also worth you knowing about their sister charity:

You can apply for one grant per child. BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials programme can deliver or fund critical items such as:

  • Cookers
  • Essential household items
  • Furniture and kitchen equipment
  • Children’s beds and bedding
  • Washing machines
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Baby equipment
  • Clothing in exceptional or emergency situations
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