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Richard Smith speaks to Anna Kennedy on Women’s Radio

Annas guest at Women’s Radio on Monday 7th August at 1pm ‘All things Autism’ Women’s Radio is the inspirational Richard Smith.

‘All things Autism” will be aired at 1pm and 1am every day, please click here to listen to these amazing shows!

Richard Smith shared: “Its Ok To Be Me”, Autism can be Awesome!

The Autistic Adoptee – From troubled childhood to autisticly awesome

Growing up without a diagnosis of ASD was difficult to say the least, struggling immensely with everyday life I didn’t understand where I fit into this world doing different behaviours but at the time I didn’t understand why I was doing them but really struggled to stop as I have felt throughout my life.

I have had to hideaway and compress everything deep inside I have learned a lot about myself and became very self-aware I feel this puts me in a very good position to help families businesses schools or the general public learn more about ASD and how they can change their environment or their behaviour to help people that have ASD I tried to show people that autism isn’t life limiting and they can achieve whatever they put their minds to.

This year I released a book called “The art of weeing in the sink”. You can get a copy of this from: Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith’s and so many more……

Richard Smith

About Me….!

I was 33 before I received my ASD diagnosis and when I finally did, it felt like a great weight had been lifted away and I could finally be myself.

If I had been given this diagnosis as a child and received the proper help and support, I needed, then my whole childhood would have been so different and much happier.

I never want another child to have to go through their childhood like me, having to hide their ASD for fear of punishment or criticism.

This is why I started Awesometistic.

I want to help others to understand a child with ASD. If children with ASD are supported correctly throughout their life, there is no reason why they cannot go fulfil their own dreams. Look at me!

For more details, please click here for more more details on the Awesometistic​s website.

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