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Riding the wave of mental health: Some gentle massage tips and techniques to help you surf it  – by Giuliana Wheater by Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Mental health globally has absolutely spiked . Those with autism and other different abilities, BEFORE Covid-19 were 2-6x more likely to pick up an additional mental health issue, I’d dread to think what that figure is now .

As a general population within the U.K. suicide increased by 39% from March to October 2019. Touch has been proven since the 1960’s to not only boost immunity but also to significantly boosting mental health, sleep, mood, ability to cope and function as well as our emotional intelligence.

Sometimes we are so busy trying to just get through the tough times that we bury what we can’t face today or what we haven’t had time to process or deep inside our gut – the second or enteric brain – where it can cause stomach pains, stomach migraines and elimination issues as well as blocking the flow up to our first brain of all those gorgeous happy and coping chemicals.

In this week’s video (see below) I share 4 massage tips with you to help balance your first and second brains in order to help you navigate your way through these worrying times. They can be done inside your bubbles or be self-administered and are inclusive of all abilities, different abilities, mobility and situation.

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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignRiding the wave of mental health – by Giuliana Wheater