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Scott Edgar’s experience of Autism’s Got Talent 2021 

Scott shared:

For someone who can’t enlist to fight for their country because of certain limitations or not good enough to be able to represent your country in the Olympics, Autisms Got Talent is an awesome way to do that.

My name is Scott Edgar, and I am from Orlando Florida USA, my experience with Autism’s Got Talent was a bit like karate kid part two. For example, when Daniel broke those blocks of ice in an Okinawa, everyone cheered being on stage in London. As a foreigner and the only male from the USA to do Autism’s Got Talent in front of 600 people.

It is the best feeling I have ever had in my profession as a performer, when my act was over it felt like ROCKY IV; because the Russians cheered for Rocky when they saw how much spirit he had. Kind of like the UK doing that for me when they saw what I could do.

In conclusion I quoted President John F Kennedy by saying “Don’t ask what your country can do for you ask what can you do for your country”

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Autism's Got TalentScott Edgar’s experience of Autism’s Got Talent 2021