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Self-discovery journal prompts


An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Checking in MINDFULLY with our Mental Health through writing or play.

As the UK scorches in a record hitting heatwave and schools break up for the summer holidays this week, it is still important to check in with ourselves daily.

Journaling is an incredibly powerful mindfulness tool to really be present with ourselves and to feel into where we are at on emotional and mental levels.

Now writing is not for everyone. For someone with dyslexia it certainly would not feel mindful at all.

So, use voice recording on your phones or if you are good at art, express it that way.

There are infinite ways to communicate and to keep up they self-talk.

If you have a child who is younger you could weave self-going along prompts into games, where of you win a bingo counter or get to move in Frustration or go up a ladder in Snakes and Ladders you get to choose a self-discovery journal prompt from a lucky dip bag or box.

You can put them into hide and seek games, treasure hunts or if your child is sporty then they can choose a card if they score a goal or win a round of table tennis. The possibilities and variations are endless.

If you are having fun and are relaxed, children and young adults are far more forthcoming than if I were to give them straight down the line talk therapy session. That can feel too invasive, pressurised, and uncomfortable.

If you are a family, therapist, or teacher, get the kids to help write the questions as this is very empowering and fills them with serotonin, the neurotransmitter of confidence, happiness, and self-esteem.

It also encourages teamwork, self-awareness, interpersonal awareness, and trust/bonding.

Always give each person option to take another question if they do not want to answer the one, they choose.

So, over the Summer either keep that daily journal or all playfully check in with each other.

It will be real quality time.

Take care everyone.

Stay happy, safe, and well. Lots of love, Giuliana xx

Self-discovery journal prompts
Self-discovery journal prompts
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