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Special feature for Give Us A Break campaign 2020 supported by Keith McKenzie Project Director of Plus Value Awareness

About The Plus Value Awareness

The Plus Value Awareness Initiative along with Differences Originals supports the annual events the Anti-bullying week and Give Us A Break campaign spreading greater knowledge of how bullying affecting hidden differences. This feature contains projects, information and other content against bullying towards hidden differences. This special feature will be online throughout November. Click here to view this

Plus Value Awareness along with (Differences Originals) supports a very important awareness campaign against bullying towards individuals living with the autistic spectrum. Created by Keith McKenzie of Plus Value Awareness has developed a family series of specially created visual designs.

Plus Value poster

This is part of this awareness initiatives to support the November event “Give Us A Break” . The development of the designs is an abstract interpretation which embraces the campaign’s main message “say no to bullying”.

It features a series of shapes within a connected circle which encourages people to spread the word and include pictorial symbols to strengthen the points that any type of bullying towards autism or any other logical difficulties is unacceptable and we must stop it at any opportunity.

A total of three has been developed using different variations to the purple colours which are the campaign’s main colour palette. These designs are mainly developed for social media during anti-bullying week.

Visual design gallery: Click here to discover the image gallery where you are invited to view, share and spread the word on social media & online.

Keith shared:

Bullying can occur anywhere from accessing education through to getting around, using transport, at places, open spaces and even online via social media. In a society that is very judgemental and demanding, it is not an excuse to wrongly single out anyone with autism.

Also, the kind of difficulties an autistic person lives with should not be used to any form of bullying, intimidation, physical abuse or any sort of hatred. We must change attitudes and to trivialise and pain and the hurt when an autistic person is bullied. This means moving away from outdated suggestions and responses such as “ignore it”, “walk away” and “rise above it”. These examples guidance will not stop or prevent bullying.

So instead, take the matter seriously and take action. This is essential to enable an autistic person to move forward positively. Bullying can also occur towards autistic adults beyond the age of 25 can and can cause damaging effects in later stages of life.

So everyone has a responsibility to take action against all types of bullying and hatred. This includes speaking out, challenging and shaming the offender, providing support including change of attitudes and more importantly listen better without dismissive judgements.

Communities need to do their bit as well to combat bullying. This includes being more supportive and to make their environments more inclusive. An important reminder for everyone, if we ignore the bullying and autistic faces it can lead to hate crime and harm many life opportunities. So everybody must do their part to take action against bullying.

There are some personal reasons why I have this. Because I’m black with Asperger Syndrome I have to face escalating amount of bullying, physical abuse, assaults and hatred in the past three years in Birmingham (including some Racism). Despite I have taken many actions this year to various public officials, they have not taken my experiences seriously and have silenced my voice to take action any further.

So I will do anything I can to speak up against any form of bullying and hatred towards autism along with other similar neurological difficulties. Even though I’m in the late forties I can stress enough that bullying can happen to any age who lives with the Autism spectrum.

About Keith McKenzie
Keith was diagnosed Asperger Syndrome back in 1999 but have observed lack of ground-level representation of individuals with the autistic spectrum outside support environments and felt the awareness communications was too much focused on the medical aspects, parent viewpoints. 
For 20 years Keith has used his and others experience to change public perceptions not only within the autistic spectrum but also specific neurological difficulties like Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia along with phobia like social anxiety.
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GUAB Special feature for Give Us A Break campaign 2020 supported by Keith McKenzie