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Autism Dance Day on Friday 24th April 2020

On the last Friday in April every year we celebrate this event and this year will be no different and we will be in our 9th year and this year we will be choosing 10 winners for #autismdanceday!! Click here for details

Every year we celebrate Step in the Right Direction Autism Dance Day because of my love of dance throughout the years and in our first year we received UNESCO Patronage.

It was a fantastic success and everyone was dancing across the country and overseas in schools, colleges, offices, youth clubs, warehouses, garages and in our lounges gardens at home in fact wherever we could find space we danced like no one was watching.

We usually encourage large numbers of special needs and mainstream schools to organise dance events to raise funds for Autism, AnnaKennedyonline and their local charities.

We all know the positive benefits of dance for our children and adults on the autism spectrum and it’s so good for our mental health and well being.

So this year once again I am asking you to get your dancing shoes on and post your photos or videos of you dancing wherever you can find a space to celebrate dance and show the love and how proud we are of our autistic children and adults.

Everyone please join in share your moves and dont be shy whoop #autismdanceday.

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Please watch this incredible video which includes our supporters

Created by our amazing Patron Russell Wiggins

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Dance Day CampaignCampaign: Step in the Right Direction – Autism Dance Day 24th April 2020