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Autism Dance Day 2023

Autism Dance Day 2023

Anna Kennedy Online celebrates Autism Dance Day 2023

We cannot believe it has been twelve years that we have celebrated Autism Dance Day!!!

Benefits of dance and movement for autistic children and adults:

  • Improved attention and concentration.
  • It gives freedom to be expressive of their emotions, using movements.
  • It helps enhance their social interactions and leads to the formation of relationships when placed in groups.
  • A therapist can help people to develop vocabulary skills, using the imitation of the repetitive movements the person engages in.Step in the Right Direction
  • They learn different patterns of movements required for daily activities.
  • Group sessions are best to develop communications and social skills.
  • Choreographed sequences can help in enhancing one’s memory.
  • Touch during therapy helps in reducing sensitivity to physical touch and helps build trust.
  • Improved body image.
  • It helps in developing body awareness and promotes general well-being.
  • Different planes of motion during therapy helps to stimulate verbal communication skills.
  • It also helps to strengthen fine motor skills.
  • It provides a platform for autistic individuals to build upon their social skills, which helps them further to understand the emotions and feeling of other people.
  • They learn to develop empathy.
  • It helps them to learn adaptation to different situations.

So, get your dancing shoes on and strike a pose and have fun!!! #dancelikenooneiswatching

Autism dance day takes place Friday 28th April 2023

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Please read below quotes below of how dance makes our supporters feel:

How dance makes me feel, it makes feel at ease, alive, and powerful.

It’s the same way when I make music, except I’m not writing words but instead moving to them and doing my own interpretation. Dance to me is basically just music but presenting and releasing my emotions in a non-lyrical form.

Ethan Khumalo


My thoughts become clear and calm, I feel free when I dance.

OJ Bridges

Young Patron

Here at Studio 4 we are an inclusive dance organisation that offer ALL young people and dancers an opportunity to express themselves. We celebrate that being different is COOL and encourage all those we work with to be kind and embrace who they are.

Working with young people with Autism has allowed our practice to evolve and be more inclusive. Teachers and dancers have learnt to be more patient, flexible and considerate of each other’s needs. We are proud to work with many young people with Autism and disabilities.

As an organisation we encourage ALL young people to achieve their absolute best.

Alice Walker

Founder/ Director, Studio 4 Dance CIC, Cornwall

T’mya loves to dance and says it makes her feel happy

T'mya Fyffe

Young Patron

Dancing helps me feel calm less stressed and gives me an energy boost I feel more confident now as I’m not the best dancer, but when I perform i feel it helps me send out positive vibes and it helps with my confidences and improves me emotionally, I feel happy and warm inside especially after a busy day at UNI.

Macauley Elvin


When I’m dancing I feel like me and alive, it also helps keep me healthy as I have a chronic lung condition

Josh Burgess

Young Patron

Pineapple Performing Arts School have had the pleasure of working with many children teens and adults on the autism spectrum, we have experienced such amazing rewards on many levels from seeing the progress, enjoyment and confidence dance gives them.

Good luck to Anna and the team on Autism Dance Day and “Keep Dancing”!

Maggie Paterson

Pineapple Performing Arts School

Dance gives me more confidence, it helps me express myself when I don’t know how to, when I’m stressed it makes me feel happier and helps with all my energy. When I Dance, I feel like I can just be me!!

Callum Kirrage

Young Patron

My passion of dance started from the age of 2 and since then it has given me the chance to express myself within performance as well as meeting fellow performers who’ve embraced dance as a passion or even a career.

Aston Avery


Ever since I was a tiny girl, I’ve seen the world and people in colours. Yellow is the ultimate as for me it means total joy.
When I dance, I feel bright yellow, free and I’m just undiluted Giuliana

Giuliana Wheater


“when you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way” Wayne Dyer

Daisy Hutchinson

Young Patron

#autismdanceday A little time to share as a couple … about us .. being us

Dawn and Keith Avery

Charity Champions

Autism Dance Day Campaign
An article from our Ambassador Paul Isaacs – supporting Children’s Mental Health Week 2023

An article from our Ambassador Paul Isaacs – supporting Children’s Mental Health Week 2023

An article from our Ambassador Paul Isaacs
Supporting Children’s Mental Health Week 2023

Children are little people who are developing, growing, and living so maybe connecting the somewhat obvious link to child and mental health is key?

Environmental Cladding

As adults we are a product of one’s environment, belief systems, worldly expectations, concepts of what is “normal” and bias concepts of what is “other”.

Our “World” Through the lenses of others

Core beliefs begin from birth to late infancy they come from people of significance in our lives, their words, their actions and the can delve into the subconscious.

Connecting With Others 

Maybe this is the multifaceted starting point for mental health challenges? attachment to others? Friendships? Future relationships? Our ideas about sexuality and/or sexual relationships.

Perceptual Self or Connected Self?

You could say one is born a “clean slate” foundation wise and with a mixture of nature and nurture (or lack thereof).

One’s ideas of the world start to emerge from observational and situational circumstances

Knowing “You”

Internal growth starts early an adult is a product of their childhood environment.

A journey into the interior is not meant to be a pleasant adventure but it’s worthy if the goal is to find who you really are.

Paul Isaacs 2023



Please Support Homeless Autistic Man and his Dog

Please Support Homeless Autistic Man and his Dog

Please Support Homeless Autistic Man and his Dog

A homeless autistic man and his dog need shelter over the Christmas and New Year period until a suitable flat is available. This gentleman has been sleeping in a tent with his dog for almost 3 months and recently in the freezing cold weather.

Please can you spare £5 towards a room and roof over his head until a suitable place is available in Oxford.

Click here to donate

Putting your legs up against a wall does wonders for your body and mind!

Putting your legs up against a wall does wonders for your body and mind!

Putting your legs up against a wall does wonders for your body and mind!

An article by our well being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Putting your legs up against a wall does wonders for your body and mind!

Did you know that putting your legs up against a wall for a few minutes every day does absolute wonders for your body and mental health ?

Christmas is a beautiful and magical time of year but can be really stressful and difficult too, especially if you or your child are neurodivergent .

By simply resting your legs against a wall, the whole nervous system is calmed and soothed, stress is eased and the heart rate and blood pressure come right down and stabilise again.

Blood is pumped to our core instead of all our muscles if we or our child have or are about to hit that dreaded Red Zone.

The body calms and grounds itself. Everything settles down.

Ninety percent of our serotonin, the neurotransmitter of happiness, confidence and self-esteem, is in our gut. As well as tonnes of that completely delicious dopamine which is all about attention, focus, perspective , clear thinking and the gorgeous feeling of reward.

Lying like this helps all of that zoom up the vagus nerve to the brain, leaving us calm and refreshed.

This position also improves sleep and digestion as well as reducing headaches.

If you suffer with swollen ankles or varicose veins, it’s also wonderful for this too !

Almost anyone can do it, even if assistance is needed.

The only contraindication is if you are epileptic.

So I wish you a beautiful, relaxed and happy festive season and a wonderful New Year.

See you in 2023!!!

Lots of love, Giuliana xx

Putting your legs up against a wall does wonders for your body and mind!
SEND in Museums Advocacy Film

SEND in Museums Advocacy Film

SEND in Museums Advocacy Film – an article by our Charity Champion Kellie Barker

Oscar and I were honoured to take part in a short film made by #SENDinMuseums funded by @acenational.

Museums are very sensory for us and the reasonable adjustments that museums make including the sensory backpacks mean we can adjust Oscar visit even further, meaning we can enjoy a space together as a family.

The film is to promote how museums need to be on the agenda for education and leaker for families of SEND and marks a local school as they explore the Beaney museum in a sensory way.

Personally, museums hold a lot of joy for us they allow Oscar to explore history and nature and feed his sensory diet in a place that is calm, and we have only ever had positive experiences in museums, it’s wonderful to enjoy them together.

Oscar very much enjoyed taking direction during the filming and really enjoyed all the different area of the museum from dinosaurs to Egypt.

The film was commissioned by ace national at Maidstone museums, please watch!

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