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Take a deep breath 


An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

The exams are over … hooray!!! However, we still continue to live in a crazy world. So, we need to literally take a deep breath from time to time.

Mindful yoga breathing techniques are an actual superpower on so many levels.

In the exercises I have shared this week we are working on the heart, the gut and the gut-brain axis which are MASSIVELY important for our mental health.

By breathing deeply, we increase the blood and oxygen to the brain. This actually decreases by 40% when we panic, have an anxiety attack, or hyperventilate.

The heart is proven to be the control mechanism to health.

Stress is proven to be the control mechanism to ill health on all sorts of levels.

These breathing exercises will ease anxiety, stress, PTSD, and insomnia as well as boosting the enemy of stress: nonadrenaline.

No adrenaline floods us with focus and positivity.

Serotonin for self-esteem, happiness and confidence is pushed up from the gut and into the brain. Dopamine for perspective, drive, attention and feeling on top of the world loves a good party more than anything else and this is also being pushed up to the brain!

The Blood and oxygen intake to the brain are boosted, stimulating focus and clear thinking.

If you have a child or you yourself are autistic, have ADHD, ADD or PDA, just turn the breathing exercises into a story or tale about what their passion is. This will engage them far more than trying to force them to sit down and “do breathing exercises “.

I snow you how to do this in this week’s video.

Regular mindful breathing changes our brains too!!

The grey matter around the amygdala/ emotional brain / fear centre actually DECREASES and the grey matter around the prefrontal cortex / higher brain functions/ rational brain actually INCREASES!!!

Just amazing!!

So, take care everyone, Have a good week. Lots of love, Giuliana xx

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath

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