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Take Five Mindfulness for Mental Health

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

The big buzz for a little while now has been all about mindfulness from nursery to corporate level. COVID has really accentuated that for many of us.

But did you know that that the regular practice of mindfulness can actually physically change the chemistry of your brain??!! How incredible is that? And how vital, particularly at a time where already existing high levels of mental health illness have completely spiked, hitting global levels?

Mindfulness, which is based on meditation and awareness, brings you absolutely to the present moment. Yoga poses, deep listening, tasting and breath exercises all bring us to a mindful state. And hard scientific proof now backs this therapy thanks to neuro imaging via MRI scans …

Why is this so utterly FABULOUS?? Because this extensive neuroscientific research has proven the link between regular mindfulness and significantly reduced stress and anxiety levels, a surge of hormone and chemical production, improved physical and mental health, improved sleep, relationships, and self-esteem.

But that is not all!!! Certain areas of the brain shrink or grow too!!! Our bodies are truly amazing! The grey matter in the amygdala or emotional brain, which houses the flight or fight button and revolves hugely around our reactions to fear and stress, actually SHRINKS!! And the grey matter in the frontal lobe, the conductor of the brain which houses all the higher or executive functions, actually THICKENS as does the hypocampus which helps with memory and learning! So, we get brainier too!!!

We really are the most perfectly designed jigsaws and with therapies like mindfulness we really can achieve our full potential and gain greater satisfaction in life.
I love it! Take care everyone and have a fabulous week!!

Giuliana Wheater, Charity Well-being Ambassador

Take Five Mindfulness for Mental Health - by Giuliana Wheater
Take Five Mindfulness for Mental Health - by Giuliana Wheater
Take Five Mindfulness for Mental Health - by Giuliana Wheater
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NewsTake Five Mindfulness for Mental Health – by Giuliana Wheater