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Taking Time Out – The Importance of Such An Act: an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs


Taking time out could be about many things in person’s professional and/or personal life, in its most simplest form it is about calming the nervous system down to a level that has an impact on brain chemistry and other functions of the body.

This includes one’s digestive system, cardiovascular system and auto-immune system.

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Autism and Co-conditions 

On the autism spectrum their is a higher level of mood, compulsive and anxiety disorders of varying different presentations, types and degrees being experienced within one individual, environmental, psycho-social and core/associated belief system noted and coming along for the ride.

So what “time out” means for someone is highly person centred and can change over their lifetime as one’s life does change as human being’s get older such as moving, loss of friends and loved one’s etc.

Life is about understanding and knowing what you can control, change and adapt to with healthy objective reasoning and what is effectively out of your control.

This is of course easier said than done and many situations can vary in frequency, context and volume.

So for some time out could be going for a walk, be with nature and the countryside, watching a movie, reading a book, enjoying a person’s company such as friends and/or family members it is extremely person centred affair – but maybe the common threads are trust, energy and meaning for the person in question.

Paul Isaacs 2021

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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignTaking Time Out – The Importance of Such An Act an article by our Ambassador Paul Isaacs