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Taking Your Anxiety in Hand 

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Firstly, my apologies for being away last week. The young lad who I talked about who was being severely bullied and was in hospital on a drip, sadly pulled his drip out for the last time, slipped into a coma, and passed away.

I have received the worrying news that my two older boys who live in Cornwall have contracted Covid and are extremely unwell.

So, today’s article and video are coming from an even more passionate place than usual!

Whether you are being bullied, undergoing mental health challenges or illness, or are having to do exams after missing most of your hands on education, this week I talk about and demonstrate in my YouTube video how to literally take your anxiety in hand.

Did you know that 80% of what we worry about never happens?

12% of what we worry about we cannot do anything about?

So, what can we do about the remaining 8%?


Drawing around your hand is immediately mindful and extremely grounding, feeling the edges of yourself and almost coming back into your body. When we are anxious or scared, we are up in our heads and sometimes even feel out of our bodies, so this really does help!

Do not forget too that while you trade around your fingers, you are gently stimulating each digit to create enormous neurological benefits.

The thumb is all about tress & tension.

The first finger is about fear.

The middle finger is about frustration & anger.

The fourth or ring finger is about relationships, friendships & grief.

The little finger is to do with the heart, how we feel about our worth & our self-esteem.

Inside the hand write what is INSIDE your control – this vital 8% where you get a say! So, things like your outlook, your reactions, your thoughts, your own behaviour, a safe adult you can speak to, etc.

Outside of your hand write all the things out of your control, things like bullies, exams, your mum working long hours or your dad shouting all the time.

It really helps!! I promise!

For younger children you can make it even more visual by cutting out wiggly worry worms from coloured paper and either burying them or putting them away in a worry worms’ box with the lid screwed tightly on. It is powerful stuff and mindful too!

Do not let anyone define you.

Do not let worries, dear and anxiety dominate your life.

Take charge and after a little time you will begin to notice not only the difference in your outlook, but you will be building new, positive neurological pathways and shrinking the grey matter around your fear centre or emotional brain.

It is fun but it is science!

See you next week.

Take care of each other.


Taking Your Anxiety in Hand
Taking Your Anxiety in Hand
Taking Your Anxiety in Hand
Taking Your Anxiety in Hand
Taking Your Anxiety in Hand
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GUABTaking Your Anxiety in Hand, by Giuliana Wheater